Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chritstmas Time 2014

That's right people, I still have this thing, haha!!  It's only been a year since my last post.  I'm only a little behind.  I might do a few updates of things that have happened over the last year but for now it's just CHRISTMAS 2014!!

We did things a little different this year.  Andrew wasn't able to travel with us so we did our family Christmas early.  Then the kids and I fly to Arkansas to see the rest of the family for more Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Time in St. Petersburg...
Santa new we weren't going to be home with Andrew for Christmas so he sent a little gift the weekend before we left. After answering a knock at the door, Hadley was speechless when she saw our elf sitting on top of the gifts waiting outside our door.  And to top it off a note from Santa himself, with jammies and a ginger bread village to build as a family.

Andrew and I also had our class Christmas Party.
Complete with a Santa beard contest.

Oh yeah and they had a delicious BBQ food truck.  Yummmm

The next morning we had our Christmas before heading to church. 
The kids were adorably festive. =)

Hadley's class had their Christmas party the next week. Hadley was so excited to "eat junk".
 Each of the kiddos got a stocking from their teacher.

Frosty the Snowman to finish it out.

Sunday, Dec. 20th was the big day!! Flying to Arkansas, just me and the kids. 

Oliver slept the whole way and Hadley played on her iPad.  We made it to Arkansas safe and sound and I even had a couple people come up and tell me how great they did on the flight. 
 First stop, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Mike's!
After dinner the kids got to open their Christmas presents!!

Not to be outdone by all the awesome lights we went to see after that.  So fun and so beautiful.  Hadley would point at each house and say, "Wow, that's a good one.  They're definitely going to win."

Ollie got to stay up late, shhh.... Don't tell Hads.

Got a quick pic before heading to church.  Sunday mornings are always exciting.

A special lesson with the kiddos during church and they each placed an ornament at the front of the church.

Snuggles with Pap-pa and cousin Nathan after church.

A trip to Tulsa to spend time with old friends.

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