Monday, February 25, 2013

A Shower for Little Rhett

Ashley is due with #2 in March and this round, IT'S A BOY!!  Little Rhett will be here in a few short weeks so we tried to get Ashley ready for his arrival.

*The Decor*

coffee station



All the hostesses with the guest of honor!
Treece, Nichole, Ashley, Mia and Me

Photo montage of the hostesses in our AWESOME shirts Ashley made for us!!

Before the Hads and I headed back to T-town Hadley gave Addi her big sister gift.  Who doesn't like a fairy sticker by number picture? =)
It was a great shower and I can't wait for little Rhett to get here so I can cuddle him and see him in all the cute outfits his mommy has made for him.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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This Is How We Do!!!


Hadley got to lead the prayer before her party at school.

Got her treats ready to go.

Dinner at Andolini's.  Hadley's quote: "That pizza is ginormous!!"

All ready for V-day playgroup the next day.

Then the SAA family movie night later that evening.  We watched Brave.

Part of the Norman crew came in for the weekend, so we met them for breakfast at Tally's... of course.
 Throughout the day Hadley gave them their Valentine's, gave Addy her belated b-day present, went to the dollar movie and saw Wreck It Ralph and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes at Kupcakz.  After all that Cece and Aunt T took the kiddos back to the hotel to go swimming in the cool waterpark.

Andrew and I got a date night!!! We went to dinner at Hibiscus then went to see a movie.  It's been a while.

After church on Sunday we took them to the zoo.  We went on the train to start the trip.  Hadley didn't want to do the train so while we rode her and Cece went on the carousel.

Wagon ride anyone???

We came back to the house and let them play outside for a while.  It was a beautiful day in the high 60's, couldn't have asked for better.

Then we headed to dinner and dessert at Cherry Berry.

Then we went and enjoyed the waterpark again. (If you ever stay in a hotel in Tulsa with kids the Wyndham has an indoor waterpark.)

Hadley and I had a fun mommy/daughter day.
*Pei Wei * Ice Cream * Finger Nails

We went to Rogers for the next evening to help celebrate Pap-pa's birthday.

We made it back to Tulsa just in the nick of time.  We woke up to this.

Target trip with a quick stop in Starbucks for hot cocoa and a cake pop.

A successful nap and I didn't even have to work that hard for it.  She was just that tired.  =)

Hadley and I took down our V-day stuff and put up some stuff for St. Patty's Day.

Hadley and I made a trip to central AR for a baby shower I was helping to host.

Saturday night we enjoyed Big Orange for dinner.  (After an hour wait.)  The girls were getting kinda crazy in the waiting area, but the food was wonderful.

Sunday morning before church I caught this sweet picture of Pajee reading to Hads.

*I'll be posting ALL about the shower in the next couple days.*

After a busy weekend and lots of driving we were tired today.  Plus it was rainy and cold outside so the Hads and I cuddled up in my bed for movies.  Even Jake joined us.
It looks as though more winter weather is headed our way.  Here's to another snow day!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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