Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Somewhat Shakin' Bakin' Tuesday + Some Other Stuff

Well Monday I gave you an update on my appointment, but didn't say much about our day.  It really wasn't all that exciting but we did make our weekly Wal-Mart trip and I got some cute pictures I wanted to share.
Before we went I picked up Hadley a smoothie and cheese quesadilla from Taco Beuno. (Helps the time pass that and Veggie Tales on Netflix via iphone.)

Oh and I guess there was one pretty exciting part of our day.  We I decided, after the nurse broke the bummer news, what out vacation was going to be this summer.  We've been going back and forth and it always kinda came back to this one, it's..... (drum roll)
I know, I know...we went last year, but we I figured this would be our last chance to go for a while.
Here's how I let my crazy out and coaxed Andrew into it.
1- *Pity Party* "The doctor just told me I'm not aloud to start trying for another baby for 8 more months.... I NEED this trip." *all with a pitiful face* =)
2- *Guilt* If we don't do this trip now it will probably be a L--O--N--G time before we can go again, here's why:
1- Hopefully next year we'll have a baby and we wouldn't take them for at least a few years.
2- By the time hypothetical baby #2 was old enough Hadley *big sniff* will be enrolling in Kindergarten, meaning we'll have to plan vacations around her school schedule.
3- And at the same time your schedule will be changing into super crazy mode because you'll be in residency.
4- If we wait till you're out of residency Hadley will be, 9.  That's almost 7 years!!!  Are you prepared to tell Hadley or me that we're not going back for another 7 years? I don't think so. 
5- Plus we have a military discount that we need to take FULL advantage of while we still have it.
Needless to say, it worked and we booked our trip that night.  =)

Yesterday was a busy day.  It started with me dropping Hadley off for school, then off to Hobby Lobby to pick up paper to make a banner for my nieces 3rd birthday.
It's going to be bright.

After Hobby Lobby I went to lunch with some girlfriends from church, which was great.  Some of them I feel like I haven't seen in forever so it was nice to catch up.

When I picked Hadley up from school it was a race to get home and start cleaning because we had people coming over and had some serious picking up to do.  In the midst of picking up I also switched out my wax scent to this little yummy.  
My house smells like a birthday party and I LOVE it!!

We had the Owens family over tonight for pizza and games.
Hideaway is a popular (and delicious) place here in T-Town.

Shortly after digging into our meal we started up a friendly game of MadGab.

Its so funny to listen to this game and even more hilarious to see how frustrated the coaches get when their partners can't here it.

I loved this picture because Ross just kept shaking his hand in Jessica's face trying so hard to get her to say it.

I had to include this picture as you can see both Hadley and Jessica are coaching Ross this round.  Hadley came running in from the living room because of something she thought she heard Ross say and then just kept yelling, "Say dragon!  Say dragon!"  We laughed so hard.

 While we played the girls entertained themselves with Hadley's Tinkerbell friends.

Mid game we took a short baking break.

Princess Valentine Cookies!

The girls were so helpful.
Note Hadley's shoes and how they REALLY make the outfit.

These girls had a lot of fun.

After they left I got to work on the birthday banner.

I also made this little plaque with her invite on it.

 A peak at the finished banner.  I'll post more pictures from the party this weekend.

Today Hadley and I just hung out and met a friend for lunch.  Its been a pretty relaxing day, I'll take it.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bit of a Bummer

This morning was my post-op appointment in which we were going to sit down with Dr. Bundren and talk about my treatment plan. I want to start by saying how grateful I am that I have Dr. Bundren and his team. They have been on the ball and determined to get everything under control since the moment I walked in for my first appointment.

Today was not exactly what I expected, but still a plan no less.  I got a little more info on how the procedure went and what he found.  He informed me that other than the stage 3 endometriosis he also found a chocolate cyst (or endometrioma) on my left ovary, which he had to drain.  (Lovely, I know.)  He went through the pictures and explained what everything was and pointed out where he found the endometriosis.  It was pretty exciting stuff.

Once he was done with the review he talked about the treatment plan from here on out.  He said that due to my endo being so bad we needed to take a more aggressive treatment plan before we start trying again.  He also said that without this treatment he still sees it being very difficult for me to get pregnant, so of course we're all in.

Here's the plan:  
Wednesday I will be starting my first round of Leuprolide Injections.  This drug will basically be putting me into menopause.  I will take 1 shot every month for the next 6 months.  In the mean time I will be enjoying all the lovely side effects that come along with menopause like: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, dry skin & hair, and difficulty with memory.  (Now don't get jealous you'll get there some day.)  Obviously, during this time I will not be ovulating which should help with both the endometriosis and my PCOS.  After the 6 months of shots I will start birth control, for 2 months, to reboot my hormones since my shots will have pretty much flat lined my estrogen level.  After which we should be good to go.
Incase you're trying to do the math this puts us in October.  

I'll be sure to update you as this process progresses but in the mean time be praying for Andrew through the mood swings and hot flashes and pray for the next 8 months to go by SOOOO fast!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Playgroup & Party

Yesterday we had playgroup at Ellie's house to celebrate her 3rd birthday.  My phone was being used for entertainment purposes so I wasn't able to take many pictures. Sadly enough I didn't even get a picture of the birthday girl.

Hadley played this fishing game for most of playgroup.  Until she tried to catch a fish with her finger instead of the pole and couldn't get it off.  I'll admit it was slightly amusing.  =)

Miss Aubrey

Again with the fishing game.

Afterwards Hadley and I went to the mall to redeem our Gymbucks.  On our way out we stopped by Mrs. Fields and I got this little yummy
A chocolate chip cookie, smothered in caramel & chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. 

When I got home, my Erin Condren planner was waiting for me on the table.  Telling you I love it doesn't even begin to describe my feelings, its amazing.

 Last night I had a hankering for mexican so we went to Ted's Cafe Escondido, so good!
My little sweety before we left.

This morning the AOOA had a Jewelry Party at the Hard Rock Casino.

There were delicious hors d'oeuvres.  

Then we got to pick out our own stones to make a bracelet. 

Not too shabby for my first go in jewelry.

Joy got really creative with hers.

My table hard at work.

Showing off our new bling.

The rest of our table with their finished product.

After the party we headed to lunch at Toby Keith's inside the Casino.
There were these cool tailgate benches in front we decided to get our picture on.
Today, in short was a blast.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cookies, Shapes and Painting Our Face

Today has been yet another very lazy (but fun) day.  
Hadley's new favorite dress-up outfit is her pumpkin fairy.  I gave her a cookie this afternoon and came in a few minutes later to find this.  She had turned it into dust all over the floor and couch. Note: She was rolling in the pile she had made on the floor.  Lovely I know.

She's a mess.

After cleaning up that fiasco we did a little worksheet to practice tracing our shapes.

She seemed to enjoy it.

I thought she did very well considering she is only 2.

After the worksheet I did some crafting on Hadley's face.  This year's birthday theme is TinkerBell.  
My plan is to do all our little fairy guests faces' like this.

Here's how it turned out today.

Not too bad, but I think I'm going to try and find a more neon green.

We also got some surprises in the mail.  A few weeks back I did a non-chain letter chain letter thing.  (I know its confusing.) By doing this your child has the potential to get 36 books.  Hadley got her first book today.  =)

I also got this note from one of my nurses at the Natalie Surgery Center.  So sweet!

And to top it all off Apryl brought us homemade chili and cornbread and some delicious M&M cookies.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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