Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hadley the Adventurer

So Hadley is walking (with her toy) and standing all over the place now, I can hardly get her to do anything else. She is so much fun and gets really excited when she has a crowd to perform for. Along with walking and standing comes falling and bruises. So as excited as I was to see my baby girl progressing I was also a little disappointed when she continuously has some form of a bruise somewhere on her face. I have the constant fear that someone is going to pull me aside and accuse me of beating my child.

Another thing that makes me nervous about her getting closer to really walking is the fact that she has NO FEAR!! The other day I was folding laundry up on my bed and Hadley was up there helping me. She started to venture to the edge of the bed so I lightly grabed her ankle and watched to see what she would do. Would she: a) Get to the edge, decide it didn't look safe and turn around, or b) Get to the edge and decide this looks cool and continue to crawl off. Incase there was any question in you mind she chose B. I do hope she begins to make better (safer) decisions once she's walking! Pin It

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sew Much Fun!!!

Getting a picture with the girls, Victoria & Patty (Our Sewing machines)
First straight stitch!!!


We made button holes!!!!

So Tamra and I took a sewing class this morning. I thought I knew some basic information, but let me assure you I did NOT!!
What I learned today: 1- Because I do not have a Janome I am uncool (if you do not understand what I mean, then you are also uncool), 2- There ARE sewing machines that cost as much as cars and there was one in our class!! 3- Under no circumstances should you ever buy Coats & Clark thread, which is what I brought! 4- Sewing's much more fun when you name your machines....My Machine: Victoria, Tamra's Machine: Patty, The VERY Expensive Machine: Queen Elizabeth 5- A button hole can suprisingly feel like a huge accomplishment!! 6- We weren't the only people in the class under 75!! 8- Its always a good idea to buckle your sewing machine into your car to avoid it falling over while car is in motion. (we did this on the way home!) 9- And most importantly... next time bring snacks!
This was one of the most fun days I had in a while!! I laughed so hard I cried on more than one occasion and I am right now just reminicing about the day! We already talked about signing up for another class (quilting) and what's funny is I'm SO PUMPED!!!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Its New Years?!?!?!

So yesterday morning my mom was in town to get her hair done. As we were sitting in the salon one of the stylist next to ours was talking about her plans for the night and how she really wanted to go out and spend some time her husband, but needed to find a babysitter. I thought... how sweet it must be their anniversary or something. So I asked what the big date was for. She looked at me for a second almost like she was trying to decide if I was serious or not and said, "Its New Years!" Needless to say we had nothing planned.

My New Years Eve consisted of:

  • Scrabble with my husband and a couple friends

  • MAD-GAB with same group

  • All while watching Monsters v. Aliens (not to be confused w/ Alien v. Predator)
  • Turned on ABC just in time for the last 2 minutes

  • Went to bed immediately after!!!!


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