Saturday, February 27, 2010

Operation Pink Eye

I'm starting out this post with a big BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I have that out of my system I will explain....

So yesterday was Hadley's 9 month check up. (Yes, I realize she is almost 10m but that's all they had available this month.) Before going in she was perfectly healthy with her beautiful blue eyes and happy as can be. It was not immediate, but I did start noticing a little before dinner that Hadley's right eye seemed a bit red and she was rubbing it quite a bit. I didn't think much of it and Andrew assured me she was fine it was probably just because she was getting tired since she didn't take a very good nap. Then we were sitting at dinner and I really began to notice a nasty white ooze coming from both eyes. I tried to wipe it away but as soon as I had thrown the tissue away and turned back to look at her....THERE IT WAS!! We gave her some allergy medicine thinking it could be just from the weather and put her to bed.

She woke up this morning with what seemed like the usual sleep in her eyes, but was definitely not herself as the day progressed, very whiney and irritable. She was still rubbing her eyes and the "sleep" wasn't going away. Due to her attitude I decided to put her down at 11:45 for her nap (which usually happens around 12:30). She didn't even make a peep until almost 2:30, which then I knew something was up. When I went in to get her, her eyes were caked shut and oozing profusely. I had to go to work, but I told Andrew she HAD to go to the doctor.

As I was leaving I began to get that itchy/burning eye feeling. I couldn't decide if it was just me being paranoid or if I too had fallen victim to Pink Eye. I decided to brave the storm and go ahead to work. Shortly after I got there I talked to one of the nurses, she looked at my eye and said, "You definitely have it, go home." (By the way I commute 1 hr to work. Again, boo...)

As I said earlier we decided Hadley must go to the doctor, so Andrew took her while I was 'at work.' The doctor took a brief look at her and said, "Oh yeah... she's got pink eye there's no doubt." Prescribed an ointment and sent them on their way. The ointment is to be applied 4x daily for 7 days!!! I don't think they realize how hard it is to pry a 9 month old's eye open enough to get an ointment (not drops) spread on the inside. Its terrible, and we're only on day 1!!

I say most of this to vent on how bad I feel for my poor little girl. I also say this because as someone mentioned to me today she probably got it at the doctors office on Friday. Just goes to show how unclean doctors' offices can possibly be. Pin It

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For those of you who don't know we have an annual trip to the beach that we take with Andrew's family every summer. This is probably the highlight of my summer and has been since I started going back in college. I think partly what made it so enjoyable was not having the fear of getting into a bathing suit, which is the TOTAL opposite once you've had a baby. Last year when we went Hadley had just turned 4 months, so I totally had the excuse of, "Well....I just had a baby." What stinks about this year is, I'm not pregnant and Hadley will be over a year old so "just" had a baby won't cut it.
The thing that makes this a bit more stressful is this annual beach trip is running at the beginning of the summer this year, where as last year it was at the end. I have exactly 79 days from today to have this non-mom body.
My sister-in-law (who also had a baby last year) and I made a commitment to eachother to tell each other when we worked out to keep ourselves accountable. That was going well except when the snow came and then I just had one excuse after the other. Something different needed to be done. Andrew found the P90X DVDs, that everyone has been talking about on ebay. They just came in the mail last friday and we started on saturday.
It truely is an awesome workout and I hope I can look half as decent as the people on there. But according to the before pictures, that they tell you to take, I have A LOT of work to do. Especially in the booty area. Wish me luck!!!! Pin It

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hadley's Walking

So Hadley is now walking all over the place. The first couple days it was walk a few steps until she fell and then she would resort to crawling, but now its full on walking. When she falls she just pushes herself back up and keeps on. She has actually 'tried' to run. This resulted in a face plant I think about 2 strides into it. There's something about not being able to bend your knees when you run that makes it much harder to stay on your feet. Not that she's letting that get her down.

She has a pretty good shiner right now from her most recent adventures. Seeing that we've entered this new phase I'm sure it will not be the last. Coffee tables and corners beware Hadley's mobile and not easily scared.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Happy Together!

So the Normans made the trek out into the wintery weather today. We decided since Hadley and I were both sick the last time it snowed and never made it outside, other than to take Jake out, we should let Hadley experience what all the fuss was about. So we bundled her up and headed out to face the blizzard.
Hadley wasn't too thrilled with having to be buckled up in her stroller but once that horrible part was over she was so excited.
Due to it being a bit on the chilly side we decided we would only make 1 lap around, which is about 1/2 mile. As you can tell from the picture we also did everything we could to make sure she was nice and warm with no chance of a chill breaking through to her little baby skin. She had on: tights, sweat pants, Ugg boots, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, puffy coat, scarf, hat, and mittens, as well as a blanket to go over her lap.
We took off and Hadley was all smiles and laughs. She loved eating the snowflakes, I'm pretty sure her mouth was open most of the walk. We got about half way through our lap when it really started coming down again. I go around to check on Hadley and she's starting to get a little aggitated. I look down and both of her mittens are missing. Luckily I found one in her stroller, but stink...where's the other one? I turn around and of course, like her mitten, everything was white! We decide since we are half way we can just turn around and it would be about the same distance. Well at this point its really coming down and now we're running right into it.
Hadley is now crying, so I lower the canopy to use it as a shield and we start running back to the car. (Note: Andrew was in hiking boots and I was in galoshes, not great running shoes) We get about 1/2 way to our car, find the mitten and continue to run as Hadley is now screaming due to the fact she can't see anything and is beating the canopy trying to "break free!" We finally get back to the car and Hadley is at her wits end. We get her out of the stroller and now notice we're missing a boot! Seriously....SERIOUSLY....what is going on, this was supposed to be fun. I begin looking through pictures to make sure we actually started with the boot before we go on a hunt. We did have the boot and the hunt did not last long it was actually very close by. (it had fallen off in the stroller, Andrew just hadn't noticed when he got her out) By the time we got home Hadley was calm and all was well. I really think she enjoyed most of it, but in the near future we'll probably just stick to the yard on snow days.
I mentioned nothing about Jake mainly due to the fact the snow or not we were still at the park. He enjoyed every second we were out there.
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Boo on Me!

So yes I realize I am a horrible blogger right now and my page is extremely boring. Could it be that I have nothing to blog about or is it the fact that I just can't decide on which thing to blog about? I have:

A.) The fact that Andrew passed his physical for the Air Force and we have been told unofficially, but still told, that they will be paying for ALL of his Med School!!!

B.) Oh yeah... Andrew got into Med School at Oklahoma State!!!

C.) With all of his trainig for his physical Andrew has lost 20+ pounds and I have somehow gained weight, what the flip??

D.) My niece Addison just turned a year old a week ago, which means Hadley will be turning a year old in the next 3 months!!

E.) Hadley took her first step a little over a week ago! (I missed it because I was at work as well as the first time she crawled. =( )

F.) We only have 91 days until we leave to go back to the wonderful, quiet beaches of Gulf Shores!

G.) We're moving and this will be the first time I have lived somewhere other than Arkansas!

Who knows, but I'm pretty pumped about all of them! Pin It