Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Goodness!

Hadley's class party!

Handing out her teacher gifts.

And Hadley got a gift from her teachers.

Our Bible class Christmas Party!

Reading about the birth of Jesus.

Santa came!!!

Hadley waited very patiently, but it was pretty funny to watch her change positions in her wait to sit on Santa's lap. (She was originally sitting in the front.)

Almost Hadley's turn!!

And Santa had gifts for her.  =)

Time for the big kid Dirty Santa gift exchange.
The theme was As Seen on TV.

I started with the pocket hose.

Andrew got the Crib Dribbler.

I lost my pocket hose, but then got the magic drink dispenser.

Andrew lost the crib dribbler on the last turn and grabbed a pair of PAJAMA JEANS!!!!
I'd say we made out pretty well.

Last Week before Christmas!
Hadley thought her glasses were necessary for school Tuesday.

They made gingerbread houses at school that Hadley got to enjoy when she got home.

Daddy made chocolate chip waffles for dinner on Wednesday.
Hadley had one and a half.

We got to hang out with this cutie for a little while on Thursday after school.
Sonic Happy Hour was a must.

Hadley got a Frozen book in the mail and these girls were all about it!!

Today more winter weather has moved in to T-Town.
Ice Storm 2013
We'll make the most of it.  =)

4 days till Christmas!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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Snow Day 2013!

I'm pretty far behind, but Tulsa has already started getting their share of winter weather.

The day it started....

The next morning...

Andrew made one too.

 I spent most of the time inside, but these two brought me some clean snow to make ice cream.
An ice cream delivery to one of our favorite neighbors!

Cold wintery days call for nice warm soups.  Over the coarse of these snow days we had corn chowder, chili and chicken tortilla soup.

Complete with the best tomato cutter. (It was a butter knife.)

*Yummy Breakfast Treats*

*Snacks & Puzzles*

*GAMES & Funny Faces*
We love snow days around here!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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