Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Experiencing Austin!

So the Normans had their first Austin, Texas experience, as we went traveled to visit Andrew’s twin, yes twin, sister. Her, her husband (Adam), and sweet baby girl (Harper) just moved into a new house so we helped them get things situated and learned/saw some interesting Austin exclusives.


1-A beautiful nature trail right by their house,

2-One of the most kid/dog friendly parks (+ some rockinsno-cones),

3-What I would probably call my first true hippy viewing,

4-We can’t mention Texas without a little Tex-Mex, let me just say, “deep fried stuffed avocado topped with queso.”

5- EVERY street that gets you anywhere is one way. This means if you miss your turn you can’t just turn around, oh no, you must make another full loop in order to get back to where you wanted to go. This might have happened to us....a couple times. =)

Well, enough with my rambling, I’ll go ahead and post some pictures.


*PARTY at the FARM*


*Fun at the House*
Harper decided she too was going to help with hanging the pictures.
(I'm thinking it played out better in her head.)

The girls rockin' the alfalfa hair!

Only a short 10 hour drive and we're now in Rogers continuing our Christmas road trip. Having a blast so far and can't wait for the rest of the week, IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today has been an exciting day so far. Andrew and I took Hadley to her first movie in the movie theater, we saw Tangled. We went to the early bird showing so it was just us and two other families. Hadley did a great job. She was glued until about the last 20 minutes then we had to run up and down the ramp along side of the theater. When it was over she started cheering and clapping, I really think she had a blast.

Hadley rockin' before we left.
Such a cute movie!!!!
Hadley and her daddy before the movie started!

Tomorrow we're headed down to Austin, TX. I can't wait to see sweet Harper, oh and Rachel and Adam too of course. I'm going to try and put up a post when I get back, but we get back on Tuesday and then leave again on Wednesday, so I apologize if it doesn't happen. I also apologize for the lack of baking the last few weeks. I will probably be taking a break until the New Year with all of the traveling. In case I miss saying it I'll go ahead and say it now, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Lights & Peppermint Shakes!

Okay so I have to start off by confessing that we did not go to church tonight. I know its horrible. I don't really have a good excuse except we're about to be gone until after Christmas as well as New Years and I wanted to take Hadley to see Christmas lights and tonight was the night. It was so much fun!

Hadley's face when we told her our plans!
The fam before heading to Chick-fil-A.
I promise the excitement was mutual Andrew just missed Hadley's excited face by a couple seconds.
The wonderful chocolate chip peppermint shake from Chick-fil-A, just wouldn't be Christmas without them. They were passing out little ones for all the kids and then Andrew and I got one to share.


*Noah's Ark*
As we walked by Hadley kept saying "Noah, Noah!"
Andrew putting his coat to good use for both him and Hadley.

There were ducks in the pond and Hadley kept quacking when we walked by and as we drove past on our way out.

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Just a Day!

Yesterday morning Andrew went to help one of his fellow students move into a new house so me and the Hadster just hung out. When he got home my wonderful husband folded and put away ALL the laundry and specifically asked for no help by me. Isn't he the sweetest?!
After laundry he also gave Jake, our dog, a bath. Hadley decided she wanted to help in this chore.

She looks like she's ready to go!

After Jake's bath Andrew went to conquer 30 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings with the guys, after which he won a prize. I guess excessive eating sometimes does pay off.

Hadley and I stayed home and watched some Christmas movies. Hadley got REALLY excited when we watched the claymation Rudolph or as Hadley says, "OFF!!! OFF!!! OFF!!!"
It was a lazy yet fulfilling day!

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Monday, December 13, 2010 of 4!

Family of 4, this would include our dog, Jake. This is going to be a doozy of pictures just to warn you. Today we celebrated our little family Christmas since there is really no other time before Christmas for us to actually do it. (We're helping some people move over the next couple days then headed to Austin, TX on Friday to see Andrew's sister only to come back on Tuesday and leave again for Rogers on Wednesday for my family's Christmas and then onto Searcy for his family's Christmas.) I'm so excited about getting to see everyone, but I'll be honest I get tired just thinking about it.

Anyway....back to Christmas. We do 3 gifts for Hadley, not including her stocking, after my sister-in-law said they did that for their kiddos. She tells her little boy, "They get 3 gifts because that's what Jesus got." I thought this was great: #1- Because you remember this is also a day we use to celebrate Christ's birth and #2- it decreases all the EXCESS junk!
Hadley's HoHo Gift
(This picture was taken around 1:30am, some assembly required MY FOOT how 'bout ALL.)

How Hadley felt about her other two gifts.
Gift #1
YAY Blocks!
Gift #2

(Treats, 2 Beneful meals, Breath mints (for dogs), and a toy)
(Monkey, Princess and the Frog, Princess silly bands, cotton candy bath soap (shaped like a cupcake), ice cream lip gloss, and candy cane)
I know this picture is blurry but I loved it because the monkey was sticking out the top of her stocking and she was so excited about it she didn't even bother taking it out before she started loving on it and walking all around the living room.
Hadley watching Jake's stocking sing "Here Comes Santa Clause" while its ears flopped up and down.
Loved her candy cane.

Andrew's Turn!

He got some new jeans a button up and 2 pull over sweaters. (Pictures below and above crack me up...he modeled them like this with no push by me, so GQ. HaHa)
Andrew's stocking:
(Wallet, OSU ornament and a candy cane)

Tonight's Meal:
Rosemary's Soup or as my brother calls it "Man Soup"
My parents got this from a sweet lady that used to go to church with them. Its super easy and DELICIOUS!!
Ingredients: 2 cans ranch beans, 2 cans Minestrone, 1 can rotel, 2 cups water (I used 1 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth), 1 lb. ground beef (I used ground turkey), 1/2 onion chopped, 2 celery stalks chopped, *green onions chopped, *spoonful of minced garlic, *1 package ranch seasoning
* Original recipe did not call for this, omit of desired.

1. Brown meat in large pot with chopped vegetables and ranch seasoning.
2. Once meat is fully cooked add remaining ingredients.
3. Let simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Me and my sweet girl after a very filling dinner.
Hadley showing off her camera skills.

Tonight's bath time was very entertaining. Hadley had a blast and kept Andrew and I laughing.
No idea what brought this on but she loved it and thought it was SO funny!

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