Saturday, June 30, 2012

Show Us Your Life {Kid's Room}

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for SUYL.  This week they're featuring kids room's and nurseries.

I've been making a few changes in Hadley's room the last year. I have a few things left I would like to do but overall I'm pretty happy with it.
My dad just made the dress-up armoire for her birthday.
 I have the bed that goes with the rest of the furniture in my garage.  I just haven't been motivated enough to work on it yet.

 Here are some upclose pictures of the dresser and vanity I redid for her room.
The vanity before...

The dresser before...

And her picture wall.

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Being Home

We have really been enjoying being at home this last week.  We did pretty much nothing the first few days, which was glorious.  And we've been making Andrew's last few days before starting rotations memorable..

 We went to church and headed out for snow cones afterwards. Sallie suggested a new place and it turned out to be AWESOME!

Everytime you would turn your head little Jake had his spoon in your snow cone.  I love it!

We had some great company!!

We took Hadley to Big Splash for the morning and tried to stay cool.

When we got home we had dinner and dessert was in the front yard. 
Jake had one of his puppy pops. 

Hadley had some ice cream and was all about posing.

After letting our food settle for a while we went for a run.  It's crazy what a few hours can do to the heat.  It felt so much better at 8:30 than it did running at 6:30 the other day.  Man it's been hot!

We spent the morning hanging out around the house and met up with some friends for pool time and a picnic dinner.

Hadley Joy

The girls, minus my Hadley and Miss Aubrey.

The Boys

Me and my hunny. =)

We met some friends for brunch at La Madeleine and it was delicious.  We all did a pretty good job of getting different things so we could do a lot of sampling.

The Hadleys watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while the adults stayed around and talked after finishing our meal.

I went to the gym this afternoon to do my run because it was way too hot to do it outside.  Today was a 4 mile day and let me just say I officially hate running on a treadmill.  Especially when you have to go that far. Boo!
After the gym I met some friends for a girl night.  We went to an early showing of People Like Us, then got dinner at Cheddar's.  I love girl nights!!!

Andrew starts his surgery rotation Monday.  I can't believe we're already to this point, YAY!!!  Hadley, Jake and myself will all be headed to my parent's for their annual 4th of July party.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Forgotten Post

I just saw this post I forgot about before Disney so here it is.  Better late than never.
Sunday our church had an event for all the kids, SPLASH into Summer!  Before we headed out Hadley thought she would be a good addition to our beach bag.

We met our class beforehand at Taco Beuno.

Then headed over to the church.  Emerson and Hadley are such sweet friends and walked together the whole way to the splash pads. 

Emerson and Caroline looking cute and excited to play in the water.

Sweet Caroline!

Our class found a shaded spot and set up shop.  Yes, there's a ton of us.

Just of few of our class babies.  =)

Little Miss Eden all smiles.

 They had several water slides, sprinklers, water tag and slip-n-slide blow ups set up in the parking lot.

Emerson had a blast playing in the water.

Monday we had a pretty lazy day.  That evening we went for a family jog.  Hadley always has the most interesting outfits for our jogs. =)

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Branson Vacation

We got back from Searcy Wednesday night.  

Thursday morning I got my LAST SHOT!  I go back in 4 weeks and they're going to start me on birth control.  I should only have to do this for 2 to 3 months to do the trick, man there's a lot of steps in this process.  I unfortunately had to weigh in as well which fully supported my thoughts on how my vacation diet was ruining me. =(  
The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and repacking.

Friday, we took Hadley to see Brave (so cute) then hit the road for Branson, just the 3 of us.  Jake had a sleep over with his new friend Colt Rowan.  Thank you Rowan family!

Saturday morning we slept in and headed to Silver Dollar City.
*Head in a Hole Hadley*

Last year Hadley's hair wasn't long enough to do this so we had to make a stop.  Plus they were having a Kid's Fest discount.


*Finished Product*

One of my favorite parts of SDC, the stir fry!!

My lunch dates!

You can't just walk past it.

All the rides in which Hadley had a choice, she wanted to ride by herself and was very adamant about it.




*Tea Cups*

*Regatta Racer*


*Grand Exposition Coaster*

Andrew was also excited to ride some big kid stuff too.  I found out this was Andrew's first time to ride any of the roller coasters at SDC, WHAT?!?!


*Powder Keg*

I got up to the look-out just in time to see Andrew passing by so I didn't get any pictures of him.  However I did snap of few of the gorgeous view from the Wildfire look-out.

Hadley found a friend to cool off/play in the misters with.

We stopped by the candy shop, where I got my usual pecan brittle and Hadley got a chocolate covered strawberry.

And Hadley spotted the penny maker.
 Does anyone know a creative way to keep these, because she's acquiring quite a collection? 

Before we headed back to our hotel for some swimming, we grabbed dinner at Cracker Barrel.

While we waited for daddy to get the check Hadley found the baby doll section.

  We got a groupon for Grand Country Inn so that's where we stayed this time.  They have an indoor and outdoor water park and Hadley had a blast!!

While getting ready for the pool I noticed this...
I hate when this happens.

When the GIANT bucket at the top of the indoor play area gets full it rings a bell then pours all the water out.  Andrew and Hadley joined in once.  That was enough for Hadley to decide she wasn't a fan.

Sunday, we headed up the outlet malls for some serious shopping then went home.  It was a great vacation for us, but I'm definitely glad to be home.

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