Friday, May 31, 2013

Family Time

Rather than try to catch you up on all the things I've fallen behind on posting, I'm just going to update on the most recent.

Due to Andrew saving his 2 months of vacation for the end of 4th year, we are limited with vacation opportunities.  This past weekend Andrew got a full 4 days off so we took advantage and made a trip to Branson, MO.  I love being close enough to somewhere like Branson where we have several activities to choose from in one area.  

Here's how our Memorial Weekend went:

We drove in Friday afternoon and headed to the Dixie Stampede for dinner.  It's nothing like Disney World but in true Disney style I still caught myself tearing up (or maybe full cry) throughout the show because of how overjoyed Hadley was.

We don't have hardly any pictures because your not allowed to take pictures or videos during the show. We did get one of the three of us before it started.
   All I can say is Hadley LOVED it and you get a TON to eat.

We checked into our hotel shortly after where Hadley was quickly acquainted to the indoor swimming pool.

Saturday morning we grabbed some breakfast and headed to Silver Dollar City for the day.  Hadley has been tall enough the last 2 times we've gone to ride some of the bigger rides, but this time she actually wanted to ride them.

Her daddy was super excited to have a riding buddy.
She rode Powder Keg, Thunderation, Great Exposition Coaster, Lost River and a few others.  Such a big girl!

Just a little wet after riding Tom & Huck's River Blast.

Finishing the day with a lolly pop.

We finished up at SDC relatively early so we decided to head to the Branson Landing for some shopping and dinner.  They also have a really cool fountain.  Every hour (weather permitting) they do a water, fire, light and music show.

By the time we finished eating we were pooped so we went to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel.

Sunday, we headed to the outlet malls.  We didn't get too crazy but definitely found a few must haves.  
Afterwards, we took the Hads to see Epic.

Then a round of putt-putt.

Andrew was craving some all you can eat, so naturally we headed to Golden Corral, where Hadley gave him a run for his money.  She polished off two full plates of food and still had room for an ice cream cone...with sprinkles.

Monday we made another run through Silver Dollar City but this time we had some added company.

We started by getting some cinnamon rolls at The Bakery near the entrance where Hadley pretty much dominated the center out of 3 different rolls. (Think she's growing??)

Then it was time for rides!!

*Powder Keg*
(Hadley felt once was good for her.)

*Outlaw Run*
(Not big enough yet.)

*American Plunge*

*Lunch at the waterfall*

 *Lost River*

*Half Dollar Holler*

*2nd Round Outlaw Run*

 Great weekend!! I LOVE me some Branson!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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