Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lil' Bit (First Trimester)

So wow!!  You've already brought so much joy to our lives and now we're getting to share you with everyone!!!  
"Lil' Bit coming January 2014!!!"

*Tuesday: April 23, 2013*
(3 weeks, 2 days)
I honestly had no reason to take a test besides curiosity. 
I took it late afternoon checked at the 5 minute mark (you have to WAIT with the cheap tests) and just saw a little shadow.  I was hopeful it would turn into something (but I'm hopeful a lot) and decided to leave it before throwing it away.

I started working on a project when your dad called saying he was on his way home.  I got up and went to the bathroom and saw.... "the second line!" 
I started yelling, 
"OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS!!  Andrew, you have to get home RIGHT NOW!!"
He was completely freaked out and I told him I had taken the test earlier and kind of forgotten about it and now there are TWO LINES!!!
(Not a great reveal, but I don't hide my excitement well.)

When he got home I was waiting at the door with the test in his face.  WELCOME HOME!!

I immediately took 2 more.
They're super faint but they are there.
*Wednesday: April 24, 2013*
(3 weeks, 3 days)
I woke up and took 3 more. (You can never be too sure and I have like 40 of the cheap ones left.)
Faint again, but still there.
I called my doctor and she got me in for that day to have my labs done and had them back within 2 hours.  Yeah, they're awesome!!!
HCG was 80 and progesterone was 29, which she said she liked to have around 15 at this point.  (My HCG levels were good and I pretty much rocked out on the progesterone.)

*Friday: April 26, 2013*
(3 weeks, 5 days)
You gave me a scare yesterday but I napped for a while and took it easy the rest of the day.
Luckily I had more lab work today and it looked great.  They didn't check my progesterone because it was so good the last time and my HCG was at 250. (Its supposed to double every other day, mine almost tripled, HOORAY!)
Your first ultrasound is set for May 10th.  You'll still be pretty small, but I'm anxious to see you!

We headed to Searcy for the weekend so your big sister could see Disney Princesses on Ice with your Cece and cousin Addy.
When we got in that night we told your Cece and Pajee.  We did it as an early Mother's Day gift.

This poem was in Cece's card (compliments of pinterest). 

She also got this picture.

Her reaction was priceless and Pajee didn't have to guess too hard as to why she was so excited.

*I know it seems early to tell people, but we just wanted as many prayers going up for you as possible and just couldn't help ourselves.*

*Tuesday: April 30, 2013*
(4 weeks, 2 days)
It's been a week since we first found out about you and your momma may be a bit obsessive and crazy that I've taken several tests to make sure you're still in there and doing well.

A progression pic of the last week.  I think you're growing. =)
FYI these tests are $15 for 50 on amazon.
*Friday: May 3, 2013*
(4 weeks, 5 days)
Today we made our way to Rogers to tell your Mimi and Pap-pa.  Mimi also got a Mother's Day gift with the poem and picture.  So far everyone is BEYOND excited about your arrival this winter!!

*Friday: May 10, 2013*
(5 weeks, 5 days)
Today is picture day and boy am I glad it's in the morning and I don't have to stress about it all day.
We were all able to go as a family and your big sister was there with bells on.

We knew it was still early (you measured 5w 5d), so our expectations were really just to see your yolk sac.  Well... we saw that, PLUS got to hear your sweet heartbeat (114 bpm).  Your momma was in tears as soon as Dr. Martin turned the doppler on.  God is good!

**Other exciting news!  Because of the circumstances in our last pregnancy my doctor is giving us an ultrasound every 2 weeks until I'm out of my first trimester!! WOOHOO!**

*Sunday: May 12, 2013*
(6 weeks)
There's a good possibility I could be in maternity clothes a lot earlier with you than I was with your big sister.  ;)  
(Side Note: I had also eaten dinner right before this picture.)

*Friday: May 24, 2013*
(7 weeks, 5 days)
I'm loving the fact I get to peek in on you every two weeks. Today was our second ultrasound.
You're actually measuring a whopping 4 days bigger.
(8 weeks, 2 days)

*Daddy and I decided to change your week by week according to your last ultrasound. Which is why you'll see the days change.

*Wednesday: May 22, 2013*
(8 weeks)
I remember asking the nurse when I would start showing with your big sister because I was so excited to.  People didn't start asking or really noticing until I was around the 21-22 week mark.  I have a feeling it's going to much earlier this time around. =)

As the picture says announcements have been made.  Here's a video of everyone's reactions that I made.
*Rights of this song, Pitty Pitty Patter, belong to Susan Raye.

It's hard to hear but Hadley is saying, "That little hole is a baby!"

*Wednesday: June 5, 2013*
(10 weeks)
*I will be devastated come September when my favorite Polar Ice stand closes for the season.

Since I'm still not feeling movement and I'm a crazy banana pants your daddy indulged me.  We now own a fetal heart doppler that I can use whenever I want.  
While I say I can't feel movement yet when I use the doppler I feel like anytime I have a little jolt in my belly and move it that way its pretty accurate.  While I feel like using the doppler is like a game of hide n' seek we've managed to find you everytime.

*Wednesday: June 19, 2013*
(12 weeks)

*Friday: June 21, 2013*
(12 weeks, 2 days)
Ultrasound #3

*Tuesday: June 25, 2013*
We purchased an Intelligender pack and got a very obvious result. Although it is said to be 90% accurate I will not be leaking any info on Lil' Bits gender until we have our "gender ultrasound" (July 19th) and we make sure.
I know, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it but.... I did!! ;)

*Wednesday: June 26, 2013*
(13 weeks)
This was actually taken at 13w 2d.  The bump is me atleast.

1 down 2 to go!!

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Dallas/NKOTB Trip

Several months ago I bought NKOTB tickets for my sister's birthday and just a few days ago we redeemed those tickets!!!  
We got to stay with my cousin Laura, her husband Ben and daughter Georgia, who live just outside of Dallas.  Our plan was to meet my other cousin, Beth, for dinner and the concert; just getting some quality family time in!

A movie and Polar Ice...we're ready to hit the road.

We didn't get to Laura's house until almost 11 so we pretty much walked in and went straight to bed!!

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast that Laura made us we played out in the backyard before the Texas heat started getting too crazy.

I broke out the crimper for this special occasion.  I honestly wasn't sure if it was going to work or explode, but it got the job done.

The guys were awesome and watched the girls while we enjoyed our night!
Me, Laura, Jo

Before the concert we met Laura's friend Tara and my other cousin Beth with her friend Lauren for pizza at Neo's.  It was delicious and apparently "The Best Pizza in Dallas."

Oh you know, just me, Jolene, Joey and Jon.

At our seats and SO excited!!!

*Boyz II Men*
Did an amazing job as the opening group.  Sang several of their classics, unfortunately the "pop-up" of Mariah Carey in One Sweet Day didn't happen.

*98 Degrees*
They were one of my faves growing up, but were definitely not my favorite of the night.

2 hours of absolute awesomeness (Yep, its a word.) where I felt transported back to the days of sharing a room with my sister and dancing to NKOTB in our matching NKOTB nightgowns.
They played a perfect mix in my opinion; several of my favorite classics as well as my favorite newbies like Remix and Summertime.
Joey tried to come to our seats but a bunch of ladies got in his way.  =(


Other than the 6 bathroom breaks I took, I was definitely reminded:
#1- I'm not 6. =/
#2- I'm pregnant and tired! 

It was so worth it!!!
After this concert Jo and I are contemplating becoming groupies.

The next morning, we left shortly after another delicious breakfast with the Berry fam.  Thank you guys so much for letting us stay, we had a great time!!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Breeze {Or Lack There Of}

Like my last post suggests, we've been trying to make the most of our summer.  T-town has plenty to do and with the heat already making a debut its better to incorporate something cool with it.

Friday, we went to dinner with some friends and headed to Braum's for a nice/refreshing ice cream dessert.

Saturday, we helped one of Hadley's friends, Brooke, celebrate her 5th birthday.  A perfect day for a pool party and water balloon games!

After church Sunday, we stayed inside and avoided the heat all together.
Love some snuggles with this girl!

We said a while back we were going to try a new place atleast once a week, since we only have a year left in Tulsa.  We did well for the first few weeks and then went back to our regulars.
Well, Sunday evening we tried Leon's for the first time.  All I have to say is, "Bob Marley Dip!"

The last 2 Mondays we have enjoyed the Riverwalk Movies.  They feature a different movie every week for free.  This week we watched Despicable Me.

To give ourselves a cool off and treat our crunchy grass we brought out the sprinkler.

Yesterday, after a morning in the pool with friends we pulled out the trusty bubble machine for some simple entertainment.

We didn't last long and headed in after about 15-20 minutes.  After enjoying some Pop-Ices, Hadley was very interested in finding the baby.  (I was very interested in sitting in the air conditioning.)

We made our first baby purchase and daddy put it together last night.
Baby Jogger: City Selecct
This will double as our regular and jogger and we'll sell our other two.  You may be looking and thinking, "Where will you put the baby?"
Let me just show you the versatility of this stroller, it's crazy!!!

Today we took a trip to the zoo.  We met Hadley's friend Leah and had an early birthday celebration.  We're going to be gone for her party but wanted to make sure she got her gift.  The girls had a blast.

Tomorrow we leave for Dallas!
"Why are we going to Dallas?" you ask.
Well... Laura, Beth (my cousins), Jolene and myself are all going to the NKOTB, Boyz II Men and 98* concert on Friday.  
Y'all, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
Obviously I'll be updating on that soon.  =)

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Summa Time!!!

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy about summer.
Here's a few of the things we've been enjoying so far:

*Big Splash*

 *Birthday Party*

*'SPLASH! Into Summer' at Park Plaza*

*Zoo Date*

*Big Splash*

*4 Year Shots*
(This was pre-shot)

 *Fort Gibson Trip*

*Branson w/ Cousins*
*Dixie Stampede*

*Grand Country Water Park*

*Silver Dollar City*

*Big Splash*

*Baby Shower*
Monster's Inc.

Adorable hostess gifts that are perfect for summer.
Full of tea bags and lemons to make your own brew of iced tea.

*Pool Date*

*Outside Time*

*Dilly Deli's Kids Eat Free Thursday*

*Out of Town Friends*

*Girl's Night/Baby Shower*

*Early Father's Day*

*Blue Hole*

 *Mimi & Pap-pa's House*

 *Free Movies at Riverwalk Movies*

*Big Splash*

*Pop-Ice After a Hard Day's Work*

*The Drive In*
First balloon popped when she dropped it in the grass.  =(  It was tragic.

As you can tell we've been thoroughly enjoying our Big Splash passes, we have several Big Splash visits that were not pictured (believe it or not).  This will be our last summer of just the 3 of us so we're trying to make the most of it.  Yep, we're adding another Norman to the family.  I'll have a post on that coming soon.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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