Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update {Spook-O-Ween}

This weekend was packed full of stuff.  That being said you should prepare yourself for lots of pictures.  =)

It was finally the day for Spook-O-Ween.  We got up to the school around 10:30 and were there till after 2 setting up.  Then, we were back up there at 4:30 to start the food and make some last minute touches.

*Yummy Food & Treats*

How cute are these cupcakes?!

Tinkerbell and Blueberry Muffin
I was so excited with all the people who were able to come.  It was a great turn out.

The games were a hit.

And if the games weren't enough we had two JumpJumps.

All the kids' costumes were great.

And one of our members set up a photo spot.  She took pictures of all the families, loved them all!!!  Thank you Jami!

 *SAA Group Shot*
(With who was still there.)
Such a fun night!!

That afternoon we went to a baby shower for our SAA Secretary, Britney, and her sweet baby girl, Suri.


 We had a blast, as usual.  We're getting pretty good at this baby shower thing, ha.

The SAA group at the shower.

The kids kept themselves entertained.

Since this was Andrew's first weekend off in a while we were having separation anxiety and made him go with us.  No worries there were other guys there.  In fact, one of them does an AMAZING Elmo voice, which had Hadley captivated.

A goodbye hug before we headed out.

Creative moment for Hadley:
 She made a 4 out of her straw.  =)

That evening we had a Halloween get together with friends.
Andrew and Hadley were Superman and Supergirl.

I couldn't find my Super Woman costume so a Skittle it was.

Micah had a great Halloween themed table set up with all kinds of goodies.

Hadley and the girls chilled with a "scary" movie.

The host and hostess for the evening.
Aaron (Mario) & Micah (Tetris)

The girls...
Macee (Miss Robot), Micah & Hadley
Hadley was mesmerized by Jaye Bea's monarch butterfly costume.
After greeting a handful of the guests we had to head home as it was already past little miss' bedtime.

Andrew and Hadley went to church solo that morning as I was completely worn out.

I had a meeting that evening.  Bonus: It was at Panera so we grabbed a bite and headed to our church's Trunk of Treats afterwards.

Hadley was eager to go as Super Girl again.

They also had several JumpJumps set up but we were too cold.

After getting Hadley in bed, Andrew and I cuddled up on the couch and decided on a spooky movie.  My husband LOVES scary movies and this is the only time of year I agree to watch them.  The best we came up with was, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.  It honestly wasn't bad for a scary movie, but I didn't care I was just enjoying my semi date with my husband.

It was a great weekend and I can genuinely say we spent the whole thing with Andrew.  We love that guy!  

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Countdown to Spook-O-Ween

Monday I spent most of the morning/afternoon on the phone and catching up on emails, boo.  Later that afternoon I watched the Robins kiddos while their momma ran an errand.  In return she watched the Hads while I did my Wal-Mart run, SCORE!!

Hadley loves some Aubrey and Jai time.

I didn't get finished till late and didn't feel like cooking so we made a Tally's run that night.  No one complained. =)

While Hadley was at MDO Tuesday, I tried to get as much stuff done for Spook-O-Ween as possible.  I had a friend help me sort through our stuff in storage to make sure we knew where all of it was.
Got it!

Then we loaded up on the groceries at Sam's.  Reasor's also donated some money to the cause so I picked up some stuff there as well.

Disclaimer: There are several half dressed Hadley pics in this post.  For whatever reason Hadley is not much into clothes lately.  Once we get home, from just about anywhere, she strips down.  

While we were waiting for Andrew to get home, Hadley fixed us a tea party.
She had cookies, soup, honey ham and of course... tea.

When Andrew got home I headed out for a Girls Night Out our SAA was doing.  We met at the Cosmo Cafe and ate, had dessert and played Loaded Questions.  It was a very fun night.

We wanted to get a group picture before we left.  We tried in the hall but it was kinda dark and decided the bathroom would have the best lighting, ha.
Here's the best of the lot.  =)

Wednesday morning was actually kind of relaxing.  We took our time getting ready and made plenty of time for playing with my camera.
Then, headed to dance.

Afterwards I got these slipcovers for the pillows that came with my couch.  I'm loving how it's all coming together.  I'll post a full couch picture soon.

Hadley assisted with dinner by cleaning potatoes.

*Corn Chowder*

After dropping Hads off this morning I headed to the OSU Medical Center to help the AOOA with their D.O. Welcome Reception.
We served apples with caramel, cider, fresh baked cookies and popcorn to all the students, physicians and staff.  We also got several to join the AOOA.
Me & Maghin
Apryl & Me
Apryl, Bavette and Me
After I picked Hadley up we went costume shopping for Andrew and I, late I know.  I went to 3 different places, none of which had what I was looking for.  I decided I could find the stuff to make Andrew's pretty easily and I just won't worry about me.  I'll give you a hint on his in a moment.

When I got home I needed to get dinner together, because I was also taking some to a friend of ours.
In the middle of pureeing my butternut squash soup the bottom busted out of my blender.
Yep, pretty awesome!

Luckily I had doubled the recipe so not all was lost. Phew...

After dropping off dinner, I worked on Andrew's Halloween costume, here's a hint...

I had every intention of doing this next thing with the Hadster.  Sadly, because of today's full schedule, I didn't get around to doing these until after she was in bed. =(

*Our Spook-O-Ween Treats*

My car is currently loaded with all of the stuff I'll need for Spook-O-Ween, as we will be setting up in the morning.  Tomorrow's the day, I'm so excited.
If you want to know what Spook-O-Ween is check back after the weekend and I'll post all about it.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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