Monday, June 28, 2010

So we moved to Tulsa, OK!

Yes, I realize its been like a million years since I've posted anything, but I'm doing it now. Instead of writing a crazy long post about everything thing that has happened over the last million years (3 months) I will just break it down into subjects, today's being: We Moved.
This is a picture of our adorable home that I am so in love with. Its a work in progress but we're almost there and its really started to feel like home. Since living here we have discovered some interesting/fun/exciting things.
1.) Sharing a Bathroom: As I said I love our home but there is one down bathroom. You know there's the usual who's going to get to go first after you've come home from church or from being out for a while and then its a race, but there's also sharing a tub. Let me start by telling you up until the last week most of our showers consisted of being in ankle deep water due to our drain not working. After getting a plumber to come check it out it turns out Hadley had stuffed one of her wash cloths down the drain. (Huh, no wonder 2 bottles on Drano didn't work!) Tonight I got in the shower to find spaghetti noodles, because Hadley had spaghetti for dinner and I put her straight in the tub. I can tell I'm really going to enjoy this...
2.) Rolly Pollies: I remember as a kid rolly polly's were the coolest. You just sit there and watch all there little legs moving like crazy to get them going or pushing them over and watching them go like crazy to flip back over. (that generally never worked out for them) I also loved touching their backs and they would curl up so fast and then I would wait for them to uncurl and do it again. Well Hadley has also become fascinated with the rolly polly although she thinks when it rolls up its the perfect opportunity to pick it up and see how fast she can put it in her mouth before I stop her. *This is not limited to rolly pollies. I have also spotted moth eating and finger smashing ant, followed by finger in mouth.
3.) Electricity: Yes we currently have electricity, but........ All the outlets in the front portion of our house are not working due to there being a short between 2 of them. Who knew that would take out 6 outlets. So in order to have our TV working in the living room we have an extension cord running into the sunroom. In order to have internet we have the router plugged into the phone jack in the hall but due to the fact there are no outlets in the hall we are having to plug it into one in the kitchen, which means there's a cord running across our hallway. The electrician has come but it is going to take him going in though the crawl space, with an extra person, to fix it so that has yet to be done. In the meantime Hadley has tripped over the cord atleast once a day since we've had internet. It wouldn't be so bad except she sees it as an obstacle and wants to walk over it none stop. Dear goodness let it be fixed soon.
4.) Sprinkler: Last one... So now that we have a yard and a child we decided its time to get a sprinkler. Toys 'R' us was having a sale on them so my mom and I picked one up while they were in town last weekend. We were both so excited when we got home we unwrapped it and got Andrew and my dad to come outside to watch Hadley's first sprinkler experience. Mom had the video camera, Andrew had the regular camera, dad was setting up chairs for us to watch and I was turning on the water. So me being in charge of the water go over while mom and Hadley are standing next to the sprinkler. I turn it on and since there's that hesitation between turning the water on and it actually coming out I ended up turning it full blast...oops. Moments later I hear my mom screaming and turn to see her running away and Hadley following bellowing out the most terrifying cry ever. Meanwhile the sprinkler has fallen over from the force of water and is flopping around. My dad is trying to get it under control as I go back to turn the water down a bit. Afterwards Hadley is still crying so we all end up running through the sprinkler to try to counter act this terrible first sprinkler experience for Hadley. Ultimately she loved it and now every time we go outside she runs to the sprinkler and starts talking to it. Pin It

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