Monday, April 1, 2013

Catch Up + Easter

Just a few things to help catch you up.
 Wednesday we got to help sweet Afton celebrate her first birthday.  Her mommy had everything set up so cute.
The kiddos.
Filling her treat bag before heading to dance.
Thursday was party day at school and was quite hectic, because this momma's memory is failing.
1- Forgot Hadley's blanket for nap that I had purposely set by the front door.  And although we realized about halfway to school and Hadley really wanted to turn around and go back I didn't want to. (We had actually gotten out of the house on time/early.)
2- I told Hadley we would stop for donuts for breakfast before school.  I was a good mile past the donut shop before I realized and had to turn around and go back. (I DO turn around for donuts.)
3- Had forgotten it was party day, until I dropped Hadley off and the director reminded Hadley. (Although I had just talked to her teacher's on Tuesday about it.) So I had to go get the drinks Hadley was in charge of.
4- Forgot that not only was Hadley in charge of drinks but she also needed to have eggs to hide for all the other kids.  (Thank goodness there's a drug warehouse close to the school.)

After I the party I went home to put myself together.  Since I had forgotten about the party I showed up pretty duke.  (Love those kind of days.) 
Spring attire just makes me a little happier inside.

The Hadz and I only needed to survive one more night before Andrew got home so we got a redbox to make the night.

It was so pretty when we got home we decided to blow some bubbles!

 My favorite!

Roadtrip to Searcy Town for Easter.

We decided to stop for dinner at Market Place in Conway.  It was a GREAT decision. 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mess...yes please!! 
Due to our dinner pit stop we didn't get in till late, but we spent some time hanging out with Pajee before bed.

Another day of spring attire!

Anytime we're in Searcy we have to make a stop into Hay's.  They have the best selection of Tom's and pretty much anything else.  Hadley has outgrown her Tom's so we picked up a new pair.
I found a couple things that I loved, like an adorable pair of chevron flowing pants, AHH!! (Andrew didn't think they were a must.  Can't remember why I brought him with me, ha.)
I did get a cute top that I'll be debuting soon.  =)

 Andrew and I got a date night out of our visit too.  We had dinner at Pasta Grill, where I wowed Andrew with my talents.

Then, we headed to see Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Strawberry shortcakes at Bulldog after the movie.

I was picture happy, so we took this one after getting our jammies on.  =)
I love date nights with this guy!!


Morning egg hunt was a success!

 Lunch was amazing.  Cece marinated some delicious steaks and Andrew threw them on the grill.

Then, we had a red velvet bunny cake that Carol had made, SCORE!!

We didn't realize EB had hidden some eggs outside as well so Hadley collected those after lunch.

Before we headed out of town we made a stop to see the newest member of the Eichhorn crew, Mr. Rhett!!!  He's a sweetie!
Hope y'all had a very blessed Easter!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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