Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dallas/NKOTB Trip

Several months ago I bought NKOTB tickets for my sister's birthday and just a few days ago we redeemed those tickets!!!  
We got to stay with my cousin Laura, her husband Ben and daughter Georgia, who live just outside of Dallas.  Our plan was to meet my other cousin, Beth, for dinner and the concert; just getting some quality family time in!

A movie and Polar Ice...we're ready to hit the road.

We didn't get to Laura's house until almost 11 so we pretty much walked in and went straight to bed!!

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast that Laura made us we played out in the backyard before the Texas heat started getting too crazy.

I broke out the crimper for this special occasion.  I honestly wasn't sure if it was going to work or explode, but it got the job done.

The guys were awesome and watched the girls while we enjoyed our night!
Me, Laura, Jo

Before the concert we met Laura's friend Tara and my other cousin Beth with her friend Lauren for pizza at Neo's.  It was delicious and apparently "The Best Pizza in Dallas."

Oh you know, just me, Jolene, Joey and Jon.

At our seats and SO excited!!!

*Boyz II Men*
Did an amazing job as the opening group.  Sang several of their classics, unfortunately the "pop-up" of Mariah Carey in One Sweet Day didn't happen.

*98 Degrees*
They were one of my faves growing up, but were definitely not my favorite of the night.

2 hours of absolute awesomeness (Yep, its a word.) where I felt transported back to the days of sharing a room with my sister and dancing to NKOTB in our matching NKOTB nightgowns.
They played a perfect mix in my opinion; several of my favorite classics as well as my favorite newbies like Remix and Summertime.
Joey tried to come to our seats but a bunch of ladies got in his way.  =(


Other than the 6 bathroom breaks I took, I was definitely reminded:
#1- I'm not 6. =/
#2- I'm pregnant and tired! 

It was so worth it!!!
After this concert Jo and I are contemplating becoming groupies.

The next morning, we left shortly after another delicious breakfast with the Berry fam.  Thank you guys so much for letting us stay, we had a great time!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. LOVED reading this post!! Our wonderful weekend has been beautifully captured. Love you, sweet cousin!!


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