Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanksgiving & Thanksmas

I actually started this post a while back and never finished it.

We started our Thanksgiving vacay by going to NWA to see my family.

We passed out Christmas presents since we will be 39 weeks on Christmas day.  I didn't feel too comfortable traveling and possibly having a baby in the car. =/

Uncle Andrew helped the girls (and Jay) put together their jewelry with Audrey's new jewelry maker.

Working hard in the kitchen.  You know it's serious when you've got the cheese grater out.

The boys were busy with this.

Waiting patiently for lunch.

We were actually standing in birth order or height order.  ;)

Time to EAT!!!
I'm really failing lately in the taking pictures department.
We had a great day and had lots of family in town.  Sadly I didn't get pictures of the rest of the fam.  =(

We left the next morning to head to Searcy for more celebrations with family.
I got a quick picture of the girls before we headed out.

We celebrated Thanksmas when we got into Searcy!!!

Watching Arkansas almost upset LSU. *sigh*

Norman family tradition: BIG breakfast complete with Cece's homemade cinnamon rolls.

A classic staircase picture.

The reading of the Christmas Story.


A little entertainment.

Another great day with family!!

 Thanks for checkin' in!!
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