Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, for those of you who keep up with my pictures on facebook, you know I like to take pictures of my adorable daughter. Well, apparently she has gotten very used to this life style. Recently she has gotten to where anytime you pull out a camera and say cheese she flashes her cheesiest smile. Its absolutely hilarious and I love it!! The picture of Hadley in the red & white striped pjs was right after she had bumped her head and was not amused by anything. After I had exhausted all my other lifelines I pulled out the camera and sure enough the tears stopped and that great big smile popped up, CHEESE!!!

We spent this last weekend up in Rogers for Christmas. We got the whole clan together and had Christmas at my parents house. This year was extra exciting: 1) Because Audrey was old enough to kinda get the whole presents and excitement part of it, 2) because Audrey & Hadley together were the funniest thing ever, and 3) because everyone got AWESOME gifts and we all got to enjoy them (like Jonathan's Beatles Rockband)!!!
We also indulged the girls in a trip to see Santa at the mall before we left. This picture was at my grandparents house right before we left to go see HoHo!! Of course the girls were really excited they have been working on their "Santa Smiles" for weeks.
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  1. Hadley is just so cute. Those cheeks are precious,and her smile is amazing. I must say you have one cute little girl on your hands.


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