Friday, December 25, 2009

The Inevitable

So I get home from work the other day and since I have to commute from Little Rock, of course I needed to use the restroom. I go in to find that the toilet paper (as seen here) is piled up in the floor with only a few squares that have yet to reach the mountain below. I asked Andrew what had happened and he laughed and started with, "Oh, yeah I meant to pick that up." The story was that he had brought in her activity table and some other toys to keep her occupied while he tried to get ready but he came back to this. I told him, if she's not taking a nap, "I" usually put that stuff up when I'm in the shower and getting ready    
so she can't get into it. Everything in our bathroom either goes on the counter or on the toilet. I shook my head and thought, men... this could have totally been avoided?!?!

So, today I was getting ready to jump in the shower but didn't feel safe just leaving Hadley in her room, naturally. So I began my regular pick-up routine around the bathroom everything either went on the counter or on the toilet. Low and beholdthe basket I had set on the toilet with the extra toilet paper and my "other products" had been knocked onto the ground and scattered all over the floor. I think the best part about his situation was Hadley's face when I took her picture. The one with her tongue sticking out was actually the first picture I took after the incident. She seems to say, "Ha...did you actually think you were going to keep me out of your stuff?"
I did admit to Andrew that even my way of avoiding this situation ended in failure.

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