Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bump Date: 32 Weeks

More selfies.  Ready for my 'photographer' to be home for a while.
How far along:
32 weeks

Size of baby:
Large Jicama (I had to look this up, it's a mexican yam or turnip)
(He measured 4 lbs. 8 oz. at our appointment today.  That's almost a full pound in 2 weeks.  Which according to baby center he should be gaining a half pound a week at this point.)

Maternity Clothes:
I can wear workout pants and some dresses, but the rest are maternity.
I tried this dress on today, thinking if I could still fit in it I would make Andrew take me to the Holiday Ball before Oliver makes his debut.
As you can see from the picture on the right, I'm about 6 inches from this puppy fitting.  Oh well.  Maybe this is a sign that Oliver may make his debut on the night of the Holiday Ball or before.  =)

It's a BOY!!! 

Baby Boy's Name:
Oliver Gammill
Oliver- after my Great Grandmother Olive / Gammill (like camel with a 'G')- Andrew's mom's maiden name, as well as Andrew's middle name

I found this picture today of my and my Great Grandmother, Oliver's namesake.  This was in 2004 not too long before she passed away at 95.  She was a trooper and very witty.

Little man is very active these days and I love it.  He definitely has his active times, which don't go unnoticed. 
He still finds my bladder a blast to punch or push off of. 
He's been continuing to be pretty active at night.  I wake up occasionally with him doing lots of wiggling.
He's also putting in requests for more leg room.  At least that's what I'm taking it as.  Pretty much all throughout the day I will have feet pushing out my right side just under my ribs.  He's very found of stretching his legs. 

Bathroom breaks are down to one at night unless I drink an excessive amount of water.
 As I've said in previous posts, I'm pretty much a side sleeper now and a pillow between the legs is officially a must.

What I miss:
Sometimes I just want to lay on my tummy. Not really gunna happen.

Cravings: Not a whole lot of cravings right now actually.  Maybe you could say Tums, as heartburn has been my newest development.

Other Symptoms:
1- Still pretty tired.  I got Andrew's schedule for this month and it looks like we'll see him about 4 days until Thanksgiving.
2- Hello heartburn. According to the old wives tale lots of heartburn means lots of hair.  That's what I'm hoping.  Also, it's a good thing I don't mind the taste of Tums.
I can honestly say it looks like he's working on some.
3- Braxton Hicks, I didn't really have these with Hads, so this is a new one.  Hoping this means he'll come earlier than Hads (41 weeks).
4- Crazy dreams. ---> I'm having a lot more dreams about Oliver being born.  I can't remember any super crazy ones from this past week, but my memory is also worth nothing right now.

Big moment this week:
We had another appointment, with my regular OB.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that she does an ultrasound at EVERY appointment?!
Just as perfect as ever.
Oliver is also having another shower this weekend, a giftcard shower!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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