Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Happy Together!

So the Normans made the trek out into the wintery weather today. We decided since Hadley and I were both sick the last time it snowed and never made it outside, other than to take Jake out, we should let Hadley experience what all the fuss was about. So we bundled her up and headed out to face the blizzard.
Hadley wasn't too thrilled with having to be buckled up in her stroller but once that horrible part was over she was so excited.
Due to it being a bit on the chilly side we decided we would only make 1 lap around, which is about 1/2 mile. As you can tell from the picture we also did everything we could to make sure she was nice and warm with no chance of a chill breaking through to her little baby skin. She had on: tights, sweat pants, Ugg boots, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, puffy coat, scarf, hat, and mittens, as well as a blanket to go over her lap.
We took off and Hadley was all smiles and laughs. She loved eating the snowflakes, I'm pretty sure her mouth was open most of the walk. We got about half way through our lap when it really started coming down again. I go around to check on Hadley and she's starting to get a little aggitated. I look down and both of her mittens are missing. Luckily I found one in her stroller, but stink...where's the other one? I turn around and of course, like her mitten, everything was white! We decide since we are half way we can just turn around and it would be about the same distance. Well at this point its really coming down and now we're running right into it.
Hadley is now crying, so I lower the canopy to use it as a shield and we start running back to the car. (Note: Andrew was in hiking boots and I was in galoshes, not great running shoes) We get about 1/2 way to our car, find the mitten and continue to run as Hadley is now screaming due to the fact she can't see anything and is beating the canopy trying to "break free!" We finally get back to the car and Hadley is at her wits end. We get her out of the stroller and now notice we're missing a boot! Seriously....SERIOUSLY....what is going on, this was supposed to be fun. I begin looking through pictures to make sure we actually started with the boot before we go on a hunt. We did have the boot and the hunt did not last long it was actually very close by. (it had fallen off in the stroller, Andrew just hadn't noticed when he got her out) By the time we got home Hadley was calm and all was well. I really think she enjoyed most of it, but in the near future we'll probably just stick to the yard on snow days.
I mentioned nothing about Jake mainly due to the fact the snow or not we were still at the park. He enjoyed every second we were out there.
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