Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For those of you who don't know we have an annual trip to the beach that we take with Andrew's family every summer. This is probably the highlight of my summer and has been since I started going back in college. I think partly what made it so enjoyable was not having the fear of getting into a bathing suit, which is the TOTAL opposite once you've had a baby. Last year when we went Hadley had just turned 4 months, so I totally had the excuse of, "Well....I just had a baby." What stinks about this year is, I'm not pregnant and Hadley will be over a year old so "just" had a baby won't cut it.
The thing that makes this a bit more stressful is this annual beach trip is running at the beginning of the summer this year, where as last year it was at the end. I have exactly 79 days from today to have this non-mom body.
My sister-in-law (who also had a baby last year) and I made a commitment to eachother to tell each other when we worked out to keep ourselves accountable. That was going well except when the snow came and then I just had one excuse after the other. Something different needed to be done. Andrew found the P90X DVDs, that everyone has been talking about on ebay. They just came in the mail last friday and we started on saturday.
It truely is an awesome workout and I hope I can look half as decent as the people on there. But according to the before pictures, that they tell you to take, I have A LOT of work to do. Especially in the booty area. Wish me luck!!!! Pin It

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  1. Haha, whatever girl, you already have a non-mom body! I can't believe Hadley will be a year old though!


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