Friday, September 16, 2011

T.G.I.F. Favorites

It's been a few weeks since I've done this, but here are my favorites from the week!

My Favorite Project:
Hadley's Halloween Costume

Favorite Techie Thing:
Blogspot has this cool new feature.  If you click on a picture from a blog post it pulls up all the pictures from that post, enlarges them and puts them into a slideshow.  I tried other blogs (wordpress or websites) but it only did it for blogspot.

Favorite Picture and Event:
Even though the Hadster isn't smiling I still love this picture and I'm so glad we got to go up and have lunch with Andrew one day this week.

My Favorite Hadley Moments:
1- I love that Hadley has the characters in her hands in this picture because they have been with her ALL week.  Her left hand is Strawberry Shortcake, or "Strawberry Ortcake." And the other hand is one of her friends who has something to do with chocolate, but I didn't know her name.  Hadley just calls her "Strawberry Ortcake Friend."
2- I'm getting Hadley to smile for pictures right now by coaxing her with Candy Corn, ha.
3- Today while at "Chick-A-Flick" Hadley was playing and I told her to do something, she responded in a sigh with, "Yes, mother."  Oh my word, when did she turn 15?!?!?
4- Hadley has almost completely memorized the Lord's Prayer.  The video is on my facebook page but unfortunately I can't get it to upload onto the blog.  =(

Favorite New Experiences:
Library Story Time
I know its probably horrible that this was the first time I have brought Hadley to the library, but I think its going to start being a weekly thing, we LOVED it!

Farmer's Market
I've been before but this was Hadley's first experience.  I think this will also be a regular event while they are open.

Favorite Seasonal Drink:
Pumpkin Latte!!!  Yes, please!
Hope your week was full of some of your favorite things!

 Thanks for checkin' in!!
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