Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Update!

Sorry this is going to be a doozy of pictures.  Good Luck!

Our weekend started on Thursday because we were getting out of town.  
#1- One of our besties was having a big birthday bash we couldn't miss. 
#2- Andrew had 3 tests this week!

On the way down we ran into a little rain during one of our pit stops.  Luckily I had Hadley's umbrella in the car.

We got to The Eichhorn's around dinner time, ate and then let the girls play for a bit before bed.  
These girls LOVE to jump!

I'm a girl that needs some caffeine to get her going in the mornings so first thing we did was stop into Starbucks for some grande pumpkin spice lattes, yum!
Then we headed to the zoo with Addi and Ashley's playgroup.

Hadley wanted to love on the lion.

Hadley asking nicely for some raisins.
Its worked!


Playing with Thomas a little before heading out for our FIRST hair cut!

Didn't realize how bad her mullet was....WOW!

 She's excited!
(Not sure if its the hair cut or the sucker.)

Some final touches with hair spray.

 She likes it!
Thanks Melissa we all love it!

We had a little bit of down time after her hair cut but then we headed to Addi E's 2nd Birthday Party at a jump place in Benton.  It was perfect and Hadley had a BALL!!!

As soon as they told the kids to get in line Hadley had her shoes off ready to go.

Hadley's game face!

 Lola decided to make her first trip down the big slide!  It got a little crazy at the end, when she lost her pants, but I think she enjoyed it.
What birthday parties are all about!

The Eichhorn Family!
Yummy Cupcakes!

*Tickle Fight*


After opening presents we headed back to Josh and Ashley's for pizza and more cupcakes.  Oh and Addi got a puppy!!  (I didn't get any pictures of the puppy because I was taking the video.)

When we got back to Searcy Hadley's cousins Trey and Addy were there to play for a little bit before bed.

SUNDAY was mainly traveling so I don't really have much to say on that.

 Our playgroup went to the fire station and afterwards went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  All the kiddos had fun until it was time for the group picture. (You'll see when you get there.)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. you've had her in the cutest clothes lately! adorable outfits - yay Fall!


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