Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Update!

My mom had ordered Hadley this adorable Steelers cheerleading uniform and it just came in the other day.  We had a little fashion show and Hadley loved it.
When I took this picture Hadley was eating some cantaloupe, hints the awkward face.

We had  such a great day!  Most of it was spent watching college football, which made this house a happy home.  After Hadley's nap we went outside to play for a bit.

Andrew and I enjoyed our Happy Hour treats while Hadley enjoyed her playground.

I also enjoyed taking pictures of my girl while she played.

*Sweet Little Feet*

We went to the OSU v. TU game with some friends of ours Saturday night.
This was right before meeting up with them.

 Well, the game was supposed to start at 9pm, but 5 minutes before kick-off they issued a severe weather warning.  I thought the weather warning was just part of TU's entrance since they're the Hurricanes, unfortunately I was wrong. 

We were then evacuated into the basketball stadium.... for 3 HOURS!

While we waited we listened to the OSU band, watched the OU v FSU game and watched some little kids play basketball.  The game resumed at 12:15am, we only stayed for the first quarter.

We barely made it to church for late service, then headed to lunch. 

After lunch we took Hadley to see The Lion King in 3D it was too much fun and Hadley loved it.  
Tonight we met with our community groups and ours went to the park.

What a GREAT weekend!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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