Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up

Just a few more pictures from Sunday night before we went to see The Skit Guys.
 Unfortunately our doctor's office failed to give Hadley 3 of her shots at her 2 year appointment. So Monday she had to get those 3, plus we both got our flu shots.  Another downer was they don't bundle any of their shots so Hadley got 4 individual shots, it was NO FUN!!
Last night the SAA put on their annual Spook-o-ween event, but I again forgot my camera. BOO!!  I don't know where my head's at lately.
This afternoon Hadley and I headed up to the school once Andrew finished with his classes and carved pumpkins.
They had cupcakes, yummy!

The group with their pumpkins.  
You can't really see it but Jai was holding his pumpkin too.

Andrew with his pumpkin.  
He was so proud.

Thank you Micah and Aaron for inviting us!!!

Oh, and just incase you were wondering Hadley and I are doing "Shakin' Bakin' Tuesday" tomorrow since we are hosting the Halloween playgroup on Friday.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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