Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just A Week In the Life....

Since Tuesday was election day I dressed Hadley for the occasion.
Thankfully I had already voted last week so after dropping Hadley off for school I just ran some much needed errands. 

 We have family pictures coming up and Hadley's hair has been looking a little stringy on the ends so,  after school I took Hads to get her hair cut.
She was so serious.

A little shorter than I intended, but she rocks it.  =)

We had our November SAA meeting that night. (I can't believe it's already November!) After the meeting a few of us grabbed a bite at Panera, then headed to see a late showing of Pitch Perfect.  Such a great movie, loved it!!

These are so much fun to watch.

Hadley enjoyed some nice outside play time when we got home.

After dinner we played a round of HedBanz and Hadley insisted on wearing this dress.
She's getting so good at the questions she asks to figure out the character on her band. 
Am I a girl?  Yes,  Do I have a hat?  Yes,  Do I wear pants?  Yes,  Am I Jessie?  YES!!

My little cutie after her bath, all ready for bed.

The next morning I took Hads to school and got a few "must dos" done.

After buying a house, voting and tagging my car in Oklahoma I decided to go all in.

I had a nice, quiet, relaxing lunch with me, myself and I.

Hadley helped me with a little more shopping after I picked her up.

Dinner & A Movie

We tried out Chuy's for the first time, YUM!
Hadley practiced her name.  My 3 year old impresses me everyday.

Then to the movies.  Hadley picked Wreck It Ralph.

Hadley and I spent most of the next morning cleaning and picking up around the house.  Since I got some Christmas shopping done this week I decided to wrap some of the presents.  I'm loving my wrapping theme this year.

Hadley kept yelling my name to come see her.  I walked into this.  She is such a mess.

Outside time to enjoy more of this nice weather.

Mimi came in that night just in time for dinner.  After we ate Andrew and I went on a date to the movies.  I've been ranting to him about Pitch Perfect since I saw it with the girls earlier in the week so we went to see it.  Loved it again!  =)

Mimi brought a BUNCH of stuff to make wreaths so we started on those first thing this morning.

We put in White Christmas to watch while we made the wreaths and Hadley got so excited and found a spot on the couch.  Not going to lie, I'm super pumped about this, because Andrew's not as big of a fan.

My "mermaid" playing with her toys.

Finished product!

More outside time.  We love fall!

Saying bye-bye to Mimi.
Hadley was so funny.  I said, "Aww... let me get a picture."  Hadley held this pose until she heard the camera click.

Tonight we're having a night in while daddy hangs out with some of the guys.  He, no doubt, deserves one of these nights after his core rotations.

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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