Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update {2nd Annual Group SDC Trip}

This weekend has been busy but great, we are blessed beyond measure with our friends!!

Hadley and I had to wait in this line to early vote Friday morning.  It was well worth it as I know I definitely wouldn't want to be in the line on Tuesday.

After voting Hadley and I headed to playgroup at Jessica's house.  Hooray for good weather, trampolines and JumpJumps!

Later that afternoon we headed to Branson for our little group getaway.

We thoroughly enjoyed our view on the drive there!

 Love these ladies!

We stayed up watching football and playing Catch Phrase.  It was a win/win.

After breakfast at Golden Corral and a quick trip to the outlet malls we headed to Silver Dollar City.

Hadley & HoHo

We asked Hadley if she was hungry when we got in the park and she said, "Yes, I want a turkey leg!!"
A turkey leg it is...
*The Rides*
We got Andrew to ride some little rides before he split to go on the big ones.

I got this sweet picture while Andrew and Hadley were in line for the big swings.

I don't do the swings so Paige and I chilled and watched them ride.

Andrew and P are roller coaster buddies, so after the swings they went to Wildfire. While they road some of the big ones Hadley and J were riding buddies for the small ones.

Jolene and Ryan headed back early to put Paige and J to bed, so P and Audrey got to hang out with us the rest of the day.  =)

*The Train*
Honestly, I think this is my first time to ride the Christmas Train at SDC.  I've done it several times during the summer months but never at Christmas.  The stop where they usually do the Train Robbers they have "Grandpa" telling the story of Baby Jesus.  It was such a great experience and the kids loved it.

The kiddos patiently waiting for the next train.

*All Aboard!!*

Also, while we were on the train they told us there were 4.5 million lights around SDC, that's craziness.  The lights were beautiful, so I'm glad they made the effort.

*The Parade*
After the train we grabbed some funnel cakes, with green & red icing, and hot chocolate to enjoy during the parade.  Yet another favorite of the day.

Our parade clan.

Before bed Hadley had to get her Paige fix.  This makes my heart smile. =)

This was my morning breakfast crew.  We had some interesting conversations, then read a book and talked about sharing.  I really think they took it to heart.  ;)

*The Whole Group*  
(A little fuzzy)
(Jolene & Ryan won the family number increase award by adding 4 since last year's trip. It wasn't too hard since the other families are all the same size, ha.)  =)

 After dispersing, our little family went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Hadley kept herself entertained while we waited for our table.

Waiting for our food.  Yeah we're weird. ;)

After breakfast we made a quick trip back to the outlet malls.

My favorite purchase, my new immersion blender, YAY!! 
Added bonus, I had a 20% off coupon!

We got frequent updates from the Pritchetts on how Jake was doing in our absence.  I can safely say we all had a great weekend.  Jake seemed to love the company he was in.
Thanks Pritchett crew!!

Like I said earlier, it was a great weekend! Can't wait till next year!!

Thanks for checkin' in!
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