Monday, November 12, 2012


I figured it's been a while since I posted on all this business and wanted to catch you up.  I went back to the beginning for any of the people checkin' in for the first time.

The Last 27 Months:
August 2010: Started Trying (known thyroid issues)
July-August 2011: Started calling to get an appointment to see OBGYN about any issues.
September 2011: OBGYN said to try for 3 more months and come back.
October 2011: Andrew's SA (no issues)
December 2011: Saw specialist, Dr. Clark Bundren (Diagnosed PCOS)
January 13, 2012: Laproscopic Surgery for Endometriosis (Stage 3 Endo), HSG Test (no fallopian blockage)
February-June 2012: Lupron Depot Shots (6 shots/ 1 every 4 wks.)
*Lupron is treatment used for endometriosis.  Due to me having a worse case than others he chose to do more treatment after the Laproscopic surgery.  It essentially shuts down you reproductive system, so there is no new growth of endometriosis and giving the endo that was removed in surgery time to heal.
July 2012: Started Birth Control and Metformin 500mg (1 day)
*Birth Control was used to "reboot" my system after being asleep for the last 6 months.
*Metformin is a medication typically used to treat type 2 diabetes but is also known to help regulate the ovaries of women suffering from PCOS.
August 2012: Birth Control and Metformin 500mg (alternating 1/day then 2/day)
September 2012: Metformin 500mg (1/day then 2/day) & Endometrial Biopsy (Biopsy & Cycle don't match-up)
October 2012: Increased Metformin 500mg (2/everyday)
November 2012: Metformin 500mg (2/everyday), Clomid 50mg & Endometrial Biospy
December 2012: .....

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. You should have told me to just read your blog this morning. haha. Praying for y'all.


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