Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busy Weekend and OKC

Lately I've been enjoying alot of my herbal/fertility tea.  With a bit of honey, this is my new addiction.

Hadley is always a busy bee and keeps me on my toes.  She always picks the perfect times (while I'm getting dressed, doing make-up, in the shower) to help her with things.  The other day I discovered a wonderful thing.  Find an enjoyable book with lots of pictures and she'll sit there for at least 15-20 minutes.  *Golden*

We had a fundraiser for our SAA group over the weekend.  The AOOA had set us up with a wine pull.  What's that?
Well essentially we go around getting donations of wine and then sell the bottles at a big event for a flat price and thus it becomes a fundraiser.  
To help spice the fundraiser up my VPs came up with an idea to make a few bags to sell in addition so we got together and were pretty successful.

We were up till after midnight but got them all done!!

The next day was pretty eventful.

We had a fun tri-family lunch date at the park.

I picked up a large donation and then proceeded to fall down the driveway and skin my knee.  Maybe this is my punishment for pushing large quantities of wine. ;)

I also picked up our sign, made by one of our very graphic design savvy members. Thanks Brittany!

When Andrew got home we ate roast with veggies and played a game of Princess Yahtzee before Hads had to go to bed.

Then, I watched my husband bag up and tie 52 square knots, ha.  I actually helped a little.  I can't lie though, he did most of it.

The next morning was the CME conference, which is where we did the fundraiser and had a little jewelry party hosted by the AOOA.

*Our Hosts*

Some of my SAA ladies showing off our hard work.  This was actually a jewelry party where you make the jewelry.

 Maning our station at the conference.
We ended up raising around $1000!!!  Apparently wine is a popular thing at doctor's conferences, ha.

Afterwards our adopted mentor's, which happens to be AOOA President Walli Daniel and her awesome husband, took us to dinner at Molly's Landing.  Dinner was delicious and we had a blast.
Thanks Robins Family for watching the Hads!!!

We had a late night, but managed to make it to early service to work the nursery.  Hadley loves being in there and she really is a great helper.

Andrew was popular with the Dora book.

After church we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to OKC for the night as Andrew had Monday off.  We saw a movie and had dinner in Bricktown and then headed back to the hotel for some swimming.

Hadley enjoyed throwing some loose change in the fountain in Bricktown.  I love this little girl!

Yummy ice cream for dessert!

When we got back to the hotel we checked in and then headed directly to the pool!
These two had a blast swimming.

The next morning we headed to IHOP and then off to the Oklahoma Science Museum.

Hadley took a ride in a space shuttle.

And we enjoyed several other cool things.

Andrew only has one week left in this rotation so we're going to try to take advantage of his awesome schedule while we can.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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