Saturday, January 5, 2013

Summing Up Our December!

Wow, it's been a few since my last post.  We've had a crazy whirlwind of a holiday but here's a few of our events.

*Searcy Time*
Harper and Hadley rocked some of their Pumpkin Butter Kids Christmas attire!

Besides keeping us all entertained with his ridiculous cuteness, Gatlin-saurus kept himself entertained with this pretty cool table.

A little cold isn't going to keep these girls at bay.

My big girl wanted to know how she could earn some candy.  So she helped to set the table one night.  On one hand this is great and on the other I think, "No way, she's still my baby!"

 Had coffee and exchanged gifts with my sweet friend Heather.

 Hadley finally figured out the art of riding a big kid bike.

Hadley and Harper enjoyed many of nights with an exorbitant amount of bubbles.

 Catchin' a ride with the Cat in the Hat on our way out of Wal-Mart.

Road trip with the hubs.

McDonald's date with cousins.

Hadley and Harper's elves, Buddy & Holly, were up to some pretty interesting things.

My crazy cute sleeper.

Norman Family Christmas, which I'll update (with pictures) on soon.

The girls in their matching dresses at Gammill Family Christmas.

 Lunch with friends before heading to Rogers.
Hadley and sweet Addi were so excited to see each other.  Wish we lived closer to the Eichhorn's!

Then, dinner with more friends.

Heading to Rogers after our dinner with friends.

*Rogers Time*
Making cookies with cousins.
(More pictures to come, this is what I had on my phone.)

Williams Family Christmas, which I will also be updating on soon.

Christmas at Grandma & Pap-pap's.

Our sick monkey, but not too sick for plenty of playtime with Lalaloopsy.

Hadley thoroughly enjoyed one of my after Christmas purchases, this cozy cable knit throw.

I made a trip to Wal-Mart to stock up on all the sickly essentials. All of this plus Vicks tissues, gatorade, and chicken noodle soup.

 Yep, that's an Urgent Care in Wal-Mart.  They have really thought of everything.

While running errands I got this picture from my brother.  Yes my daughter pretty much spent 3 days on these barstools.

Bath time always makes you feel better.

Momma had a hankerin' for some puppy chow so guess what... I made some.  ;)

Then I made a french toast casserole for breakfast the next morning.

More time at the barstool playing Lalaloopsy.

Hadley and I drew a Christmas picture on the Magna*doodle. 

 Hadley finally got some snow to play in.  She's been asking for snow for weeks now. Insistent on that's the only thing that makes Santa come.

After a few rounds of hide-n-seek, we sat down for a game of Monopoly Junior with the fam.

After stopping by Aunt Kristin and Uncle Mike's we headed back to T-town.  Hadley is still feeling puny.  I sure wish this bug would pass.  

Depending on how tomorrow goes we may be making a trip to the Urgent Care clinic.  We've yet to go because Andrew is 99.9% she has the flu which means: Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours until it passes.  Viruses are the pits!!

We had our little family Christmas.

I'm getting a jump start on my Spring cleaning.  I threw out all of Hadley's DVD cases and put her movies in this case.  We also took 2 very full trash bags to Goodwill, just trying to find ways to make space.

Silly time with my little sweetie.

We picked out a new toilet.  Doesn't sound like much, but we're pumped.

Hadley got her ears pierced.  She's talked about it several times, but once we explain they are not stick ons she quickly changes her mind.  That was until today!!

Enjoying some of Hadley's Christmas presents.
*Playing Dazzling Princess*

*Painting her treasure box.* 

*Just Dance Disney*

A little NYE fun!
*Laundry*Hats*Mario Party Wii*

I found a few items at the Dillard's New Year's Day event.

I also got to enjoy dinner and a night out with my two faves!

I'll hopefully get my act together soon and update on our Norman/Williams Family Christmases.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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