Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Norman Crew Post-Christmas

The last couple weeks we've been slowly getting back into the swing of things with Andrew started back to work and Hadley starting back to school.  

Crazy kid chillin' at home.

 I've been spoiled with flowers the last few days.  Surprisingly neither are from my husband, just good friends and our new house guest Lindsay! 
Thanks Wilson Family!
Thanks Lindsay!

Hadley found a comfy spot on a lazy morning.  =)

Out little fam before heading to downtown for lunch with friends and ice skating!!

Lunch at Andolini's with the Brookmans.

*Skating Time*
We would have been there forever except they had to come clean off the ice.  Otherwise I don't know that Hadley would have agreed.

After breakfast one morning  Hadley pulled out all her Lalaloopsies, old and new.  I think she's set.

The girl came to clean our house, so while she did her stuff we went to dance. Hadley was so excited to finally go back.  I, however, am obviously not fully back into the swing of things as I forgot her dance bag.  She had to wear her cheetah shoes for both ballet and tap, oops. =/

Later we took our houseguest Lindsay to experience Tally's.  She's officially a fan and Hadley, officially, has a new best friend.  =)

Incase you were curious the deep cleaning that Andrew got me for Christmas was AMAZING.  The girl literally cleaned EVERYTHING!!! If you live in the Tulsa area I would highly recommend Clean Freaks.

I finally got together with my girls for our belated Christmas dinner.  Yeah, we shut the place down.

We had a pretty fun family day Friday.  Andrew came home for lunch and we had a pretty delicious salad.

He got off at 3 and played with Hadley for a while. Love it!!

Then, we had a family zoo date!!

The tortoise was laying eggs while we were there.  She laid twice last year (15-30 eggs), but didn't have any hatchlings.  Maybe 2013 has some babies in store for both of us.

The lions were out today.
Koa decided to be vocal.

Hadley was eager to see the penguins and seals while we were there.  The seals were doing some sunbathing.

After dinner at El Guapos we headed home for a quick game of Monopoly before bed.

I'm blue and this is the first time either one of us have beat Hadley since we got this game.  Is it bad that I was really excited?

I tried to get a picture with my girly, but she was determined to only make silly faces.

Over the weekend my sweet friend, Brittany, brought me a ttc care package.  Complete with fertility tea, bulk pack of ovulation/pregnancy test, special momma lotions and oils and lots of other goodies. Each was complete with a fun hand written note.

This week has been nice.  Just staying caught up on laundry and dishes has been the extent of my cleaning with the girl having just come last week.  Sadly, our house guest, Lindsay, had to make an early departure as her rotation switched just one week in.  We will miss her company, especially Hadley.
Lately, we've just been enjoying each others time.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Pictures & News of the OK Normans always makes us :):):) and sometimes LOL!

  2. I'm so glad you shared who came to clean your house.I was going to ask you for the info. I desperately need to deep clean our house, but cannot find the time.


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