Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Survival 101

 Well I don't have a whole lot of tips I mean I've only made it through the first week, but that's something...right?!

My plan is just keeping ourselves entertained.  For a few days last week the weather was fantastic, so Hadley played and I read.

Long baths are always a good way to pass the time.  ;)

Another day of beautiful weather!! 
Hadley played while I cleaned all the leaves that had collected in her play area.  One word: YUCK!!

A little photo session while we waited for Hadley's T-ball meeting to start.  This is always a fun way to pass time.
P.S.- Hadley's a Yankee this season.

Making runs to Target for a Starbucks fix.  
(This is a new thing for us as the midtown Target JUST got a Starbucks, HOORAY!!)

 When the hubby gets home for the weekend make the best of those few days!!

Friday was Andrew's birthday so we got take-out and put Hadley to bed early while we watched a movie on Netflix.

Saturday we had a fun filled family day.  Had lunch at Fudruckers, then went to see Escape From Planet Earth.  We had planned to go bowling but when you have a tired 3 y/o plans can change.  =/
We opted for a rest period and just chillin' together the rest of the day.

Sunday we had the nursery during late service.
Note to Self:  Late service nursery on the morning of Spring daylight savings, craziness!!  I think everyone went to late service.  We were so thankful for Candice and all the wonderful girls in our youth group who offered to help!

We grabbed some lunch and headed home so Andrew could start packing for another week in Kansas. After dinner I heard the sink water running in the kitchen and came in to this.
The awesome part about this was I didn't ask her to do it and she was so excited to be helping.  Hoping she keeps this kind of excitement for helping throughout the month (and beyond).

Jolene also brought the girls in to keep me and Hads company after Andrew left.  Paige was giving Andrew some serious cuddles when they got in.


Paige is ready for the day.  Love that hair!!

So if you have a group of girls together you should probably go shopping.  While we were there a trip to the mall food court and play area was in order.

After dinner at Ted's we came back to the house, got ready for bed, made cookies and watched Princess Diaries II.  I love having a girl!

Paige got crazy and stripped down to her skivvies.  Love those rolls!

One week down, 3 more to go.  

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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