Sunday, March 3, 2013

Watcha Doin'???

Not sure what you've been doin' but here's what we've been doin'.  =)

*Code Red*
Hadley has her own piggy bank of money she's acquired from birthday, christmas or other holiday gifts.  The other day she used some of her own money to buy her first toy.  She was so excited and of course I got pictures!  =)

*Put Me In Coach*
Since daddy will be on an away rotation this month we went to get Hadley's glove for t-ball while he was still here.  We've already played a few rounds of catch.  March is the official start month of Hadley's first organized sport.  

*Going Green*
Random but I ran out of the bags for my tea so I went and got this little tea ball.  I LOVE it!!  Just put my herbs in there and have the perfect cup of tea and I don't have to mess with all the bags.

*Lunch Date*
Friday we got to watch the Robins kiddos while their mommy ran some errands.

*Poor Jake just couldn't escape.*

*Dinner Date*
Then it was off to Rogers for a dear friend's wedding shower.  We got in right around dinner time so we took Mimi to eat since Pap-pa and Uncle Willie were out of town.  Market Place Express hit the spot, especially their Mini Chocolate Mess. (Yes...that's a mini!)

*Shower Day*
The shower was beautiful as was Kyndall, the bride-to-be!  Hadley was so enamored by the balloon, she was convinced it was a dress with a mustache, ha.

*Family Pic*
After the shower we headed to lunch with friends and then went to Aunt Jo and Ryan's to say hello before heading back to T-Town.  We had to wait a bit before they got home so we took a family pic.

*Snoozin' Queen*
Hadley was absolutely pooped from our events.  She made it all of 10 minutes, then this...

This quarter I'm co-teaching in the nursery with some sweet little babies and I got to love on them this morning.  After church we grabbed a bite and have been getting Andrew ready for his rotation in Kansas.  Friday can't come soon enough!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Where in Kansas is Andrew doing his rotation?

    1. Caldwell. It's his rural hospital rotation. Yeah like so rural there's no cell or internet service.


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