Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update {Thunder Up!}

Friday morning Hads and I had a playdate with one of our friends from dance.  Hadley had a blast!
Aren't they cute?!

They had some "secret fun" playing beauty shop before we left, ha.  I think this is a rite of passage for most girls.
Luckily the fix turned out pretty cute.  =)

That evening I scored 2 tickets for the Thunder v. Magic game, from the AOOA, and took Andrew as a belated B-day gift.

Cece was a champ and came in town to watch the Hads.

The AOOA used the OSU bus to take everyone to the game, which was awesome.  Riding in a group is the best way to go, especially when you're not the one in charge of driving.
Getting cozy on the bus, OKC bound.
Thunder Merchandise
The girls (and Joe) after arriving back in Tulsa.
While we were out I found out Andrew got Monday off, 3-day weekend BABY!!

My cuties on our mall run.

This kid came in with her sandals from last year, a size 8.  We left with a size 10!!

Who knew trash bags could be so much fun?!

Hadley and Daddy practiced their ball skills.

So glad it's grilling season again!!

We had a Mario Party 8 party after the kiddo's bedtime.  We love games. =)

 After church we got Hadley's helmet and cleats for t-ball.

After observing how tall Hadley was in this picture, Andrew and I took her height and weight.
Height: 3'7" (95-97%)
Weight: 37 lbs. (50-75%)
Where did my baby go???
 We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Panera.  Hadley hung out for a little while playing with the Lalas.  As there was a bit of an ordeal at Panera.
**3 ladies and a baby were in ordering their food when someone pointed out their car was on fire.  To make matters worse they were from out of town and needed to go to the hospital because the baby had an appointment.  Andrew ended up taking them to the hospital and the Hads and I hung out.  Thankful we were able to help and thank goodness we remembered the Lalas. ;)

We had a Just Dance party when we got home.  Yes... I was winded and sweating when we got done.

This morning was so sweet watching Hads play with this toy she was enamored by as a 1 year old.

Hadley's Matilda Jane stuff came in, yay!!  BONUS: The pants I ordered go perfectly with the Easter shirt Ashley made her!!

Great day for a picnic. She loves being outside!

A little snack while we watched the kiddo play.
homemade salsa
homemade tortilla chips

After Hads had played outside for a while she came in to play.  She got really quiet so I went to make sure everything was okay.  And she greeted me with a sweet smile while she played with her Lalas. =)

 *T-Ball Practice*

After practice we had soup for dinner and watched Hadley do some sidewalk art.
Hadley drew a picture of me.
Andrew drew a picture of himself. =)

Then, Andrew changed the light in his car while I cleaned the inside of mine.  I love pretty days when you can enjoy outside work.
Look at my handy man!
Right now I'm enjoying some time with the hubs before he heads back for Kansas.  Hads and I will be heading to Silver Dollar City for a day, which will help pass the time.  Thankfully it's only 3.5 days this week.  

Hope y'all have a great Spring Break, for those of you on it.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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