Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th Week {Wednesday &Thursday}

While we got everything set up the kids enjoyed some pool time.

Hadley's 4th of July get up.

Hadley loved spending time with her sweet cousin Georgia.

USA face tattoos!

My AWESOME husband surprised me and showed up right before we started dinner!!  YAY!!!

Mom and Dad have several blackberry bushes so we picked some while we waited for the final touches on dinner.

I love the 4th, its one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas!  We had such a great group of friends to spend our holiday with!

Kristin and I before most of the festivities. 

My awesome and newly engaged cousin, Beth!!!  Love you!

The Banta sisters.

Hadley got a glass of lemonade and enjoyed it with a fun fireworks straw.

Audrey enjoying another trip in the "washing machine." 

We had a lot of fun with the decorations this year.

We came up with a way to spice up the citronella candles. Here's how one of them came out.

*Drink Station*

*Festive Fruit*

*Festive Sweets*
Instead of playing bocce the kids just collected all the balls in the tractor and drove them around.

The adults enjoyed the new addition this year, Frisbee Golf.

The Caton family made it too.  Its crazy to think at this time last year Ashton was about to have miss Briley.

Someone enjoyed their s'more.

The red, white & blue lights looked great as we were closing up shop.

Because most of NWA was on a burn ban and all fireworks had to be shot off on concrete we went to the high school to shoot them off.  Hadley found a comfy spot.

Then decided she needed a closer view.

It was quite a show, thanks Russell!
Andrew had to head back to Tulsa early so he could be at the hospital the next morning by 6.  Although it was a short trip I was so glad he decided to surprise us.

Hadley and I headed out early to be at the hospital because one of Jolene's kiddos was having surgery.

We met the rest of the fam later that morning for waffles at Pap-pap and grandma's before Beth, Laura and Georgia headed back to Texas.

Loved getting to see y'all.  Can't wait till November.

Hadley was sad to see Georgia go, but gave her a big hug that will hopefully last till the next time we see her.  =)

After they headed out we went back to the hospital to see how everything went and hang out with Jo and the kiddo.  Incase you were curious everything went well!

We headed back to Mimi and Pap-pa's afterwards to pack up and head back to T-town.  I was in luck because Hadley was exhausted from waking up so early and ended up sleeping the entire way home.
We had such a great week but I'm definitely glad to be back home.

Hope you all had a great Independence Day.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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