Friday, July 27, 2012

Paige Ryan {Part I}

Sorry I've been out for a while but I came back with pictures!
My sister went into labor last Wednesday, July 18th, and had Miss Paige at 1:45p with an ALL natural VBAC.  Yeah she's awesome!  
(Side Note: Anesthesiologists are a lot like Santa at Christmas on the OB floor but when you page for your epidural twice (yes that's 2 different times) and they never show they're more like the Grinch.)
That aside Paige came really quick so Jolene said it wasn't "too" bad.

6.4 lbs and 18.5"

Just a few pictures from the day.

Bath time


Hadley brought Jo a picture later that night.

I got up and headed to the hospital early to get some Paige time and bring the "newer" parents breakfast.

That afternoon mom and I went shopping and turned this...

 into this...
The freezer is good to go, plus they have meals coming from church too.

Once we finished up we headed back up to the hospital for some more Paige time.  =)

FRIDAY (20th)
Ryan's mom was taking their kiddos to see Ice Age: Continental Drift and invited Hadley and I to come along.

I had the kids that night and since Jolene and Paige were coming home the next day we had a couple activities planned.

That night we made shirts for all the kids.
(Have I mentioned that other than my sister's now 2 biological children she also has 3 foster kids at home, yet another reason for her awesomeness.)


We also made a cake for Jo.  She's a big German Chocolate fan so....

We picked up this very fitting sign for Paige's arrival home.

Andrew had the weekend off and was able to make it in that afternoon, YAY!

That night all the guys went to see the new Batman movie.  Us girl stayed home and made a night of it with popcorn and Troop Beverly Hills. 
We invited Paige and she stayed awake for about 5 minutes.

We went to church then headed to Jo's for lunch.  
I got a picture of Andrew with Miss Paige before he headed home.

We've had a blast with this sweet girl.  I just got back today so I have plenty more pictures that I'll share later. But I'll leave you with this for now.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Love all the pictures and very thankful for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Paige is precious, and Jolene is my hero!!! :))


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