Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paige Ryan {Part II}

MONDAY (23rd)
We had a little photo shoot with Miss Paige.  She was very alert and wiggly so we didn't get a whole lot. 

We also had dinner with some of our faves at Panera!

TUESDAY (24th)
Tuesday morning I watched some of the kids while Paige had a doctors appointment to check her billirubins.  After breakfast at "Chick-a-flick" I put the kiddos to work.  =)
 Hadley loved the scooter.

 Ryan is currently painting all the kid's rooms.  Mom and dad brought over an old dresser they had from Jolene and I's room when we were kids, for their oldest.  We're painting it a fun bright color.  Every teenage girl's dream.

In the midst of prepping we found some art by me.  I drew in marker this little number.
Then, apparenty engraved my name on the top.

Let the painting begin!


I had the kids again while they went to yet another appointment to get Paige's billirubins checked.  She was just shy of going under the lights, but thankfully they were able to come home.

That night we went to eat dinner with some friends at their new house.  They grilled some amazing chicken and we had fun playing games afterwards.

Hadley getting a boost from Cade to look at their neighboring horse.

Hadley loved Miss Briley.  She was trying to help her put her shoes on in this picture.

The girlies, minus Hadley.
We had a blast with the bean bag toss.
This was right before I tossed one of their bean bags over the fence into the horse pasture.  =/
Jolene and Ryan had another appointment for Paige so we took the kids to Silver Dollar City.

Somebody's excited!!

"Are we there yet?!"

First stop, the Train, where we got an up close view of the new roller coaster.  It's going to be awesome!

Frogs (Part I)


Frogs (Part II)

It started raining and lightening after that so the only rides left open were Fire in the Hole and the Flooded Mine.  The kids enjoyed both and even though there was a lot shut down we still had a blast! Maybe it was the trip to the candy shop that made it worth it.  =)

Before heading on to the Flooded Mine the kids got their picture in the stocks.

 Hadley and I headed back to Tulsa Friday afternoon and plan to just lay low for a couple days.  It's been a great time with family but we're glad to be home with Daddy!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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