Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crafty Week!

Since Andrew was in finals all week the Hadster and I decided to take a trip to my parents. We thought it would help for us to stay out of his way while he focused on studying. It seemed to work because my BRILLIANT husband made 3-As and 1-B in his first semester of med school!!!!!! I'm only slightly proud. =)
Anyway while we were at my parents my mom and I crafted. My mom took off work on Wednesday and we made a pattern for an apron, which my mom ended up making while I worked on an outfit for Audrey.
We found this cute Christmas outfit at a craft fair for Hadley, but they didn't have Audrey's size. My awesome mom made a pattern for the outfit and I put it all together. (I still need to add the jewels and bow on her shirt.)

This is the apron we made the pattern for and my mom made. Its double sided.

The same craft fair we got Hadley's Christmas outfit we found these really neat Christmas words. (Joy, HoHoHo, Noel, Peace) We took a mental picture and I made these on Thursday! I will be posting a tutorial later on so keep reading.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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