Wednesday, September 8, 2010

400 Channels....Bwaaa?!?!?!

So Andrew and I have been living in the dark ages for about a year now. That is, no cable. Well seeing as though its football season Andrew couldn't go much longer without it. We looked at Dish and DirecTV and then the AT&T guy came by our house and told us they were rewiring for their internet and satellite cable. For those of you looking for something this is where its at. All the wiring is done under ground so when its cloudy, storming, even a tornado... YOU WILL HAVE CABLE. The guy said the only way it will go out is if the cable is broken or cut. If the power goes out, obviously your TV won't work but the internet and home phone still will.

I was excited to have some fun channels for Hadley to watch too. There is actually one channel where your child can watch 4 shows at one time, a bit overkill but still!! Hadley was excited just for Little Bear.

I feel like such a dork for being excited but seriously no cable for a year. Honestly, I'm mainly excited we'll be able to watch all our football games at home!!! HOORAY FOOTBALL!!! Hope everyone is having a great day! Pin It

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