Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pedis and Parties!!

Well, this weekend was two sweet little girls birthday parties and Hadley was able to go to both! So Friday morning in preparation I gave Hadley and myself matching pedicures: #1 Because it was a party so of course we needed fresh polish and #2 It was purple polish and kinda festive for the season, seeing as though Halloween is just around the corner. Our first party was for a little girl at church, Sadye. She was turning 2 and had an Elmo, or as Hadley says, "Melmo," party.
Cute little table set up.
Sweet birthday girl! Happy Birthday Sadye!
Hadley's friend Emerson, from church, just lounging.I found Hadley playing in one of the rooms as she was trying to get both feet inside the basketball hoop. Fortunately she decided to stop with one when she realized the difficulty of getting the second one in.
They're were lots of kiddos to play with, thanks for inviting us Sadye!!
Saturday was Addi E's party! She was turning 1!
Cute and very yummy cake!
Hadley kept entertained most of the time with balloons.
Addi got a lei from her grandpa who lives in Hawaii.
Cake time! Addi was a little unsure of having icing on her hands. That is until she tasted it. =)
Hadley also enjoyed some cake. (We had to strip down b/c Hadley can't be trusted with hot pink icing,)
Hadley got Addi and Razorback cheer leading uniform to match hers, now they can be twinkies! (For more sweet pictures of Addi's party click here.)
This morning before heading out for church, I thought we looked "fall-y" plus it actually felt "fall-y," thus we took a picture to commemorate.
The fam.
We had so much fun this weekend with friends and it didn't hurt that we had two parties to enjoy either.

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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  1. Just saw that you had a blog too!! (Noticed it on facebook) I will add you to the ones that I follow. So glad things are going well for you guys in Tulsa. Hadley is getting so big and such a doll. Love that I get to keep u with you guys!!


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