Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow...What a day!

Today was one of those days where I feel like I accomplished SO much! Besides doing laundry, sweeping & mopping the floors, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, going grocery shopping, and finally getting a screen for our fireplace (who knew they only sold those seasonally) I also got some projects done. The first being an end table my mother in law got us right after we got married. Its a good quality table but I really needed something to hold the TV in Hadley's playroom so she can watch movies in there.Here is what it looked like.
First I sanded it. Mainly because while we were painting Hadley's bedroom Andrew painted a chunk of it and I didn't want the paint to lay uneven. This is just the basic Black & Decker square sander.
Then I chose to spray paint it so I wouldn't have all the streaks from a paint brush. This is Valspar Summer Leaf.
Ta-da! Before going into the room.
In place. Excuse the window frames I still have to paint those. Just pretend they're already white.
My other project was to start decorating for fall, hooray! I know its not official, but I got the okay from Andrew so I ran with it.
We'll start in the dining room.Living room...Mantel...Kitchen...Also, while grocery shopping I was thinking of how picky of an eater Hadley is. Some of you moms probably have lots of secrets, that I would love to hear (please post), but I thought I would share a couple meals that she will actually eat and that are pretty healthy.
1.) Velveeta Spirals w/ broccoli (macaroni but its has veggies)
2.) Campbell's Select Chicken & Vegetable (I heat it up then poor out the broth and she LOVES it)
3.) Rotisserie Chicken ($3-$4 at Wal-Mart: I cut it up and she'll eat it for lunch or dinner and really enjoys it)
If you have any other helpful food ideas PLEASE post them I would love to give her a little more variety. =)
Thanks for checkin' in!

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