Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lunch With Daddy.

This morning I had to run an errand up town to get a new straightner because my CHI of 3 years just went kaput. =( I found one at Sally's that the lady said was awesome and it was half the price of a CHI. Got it home and... LOVE it, HOORAY! Anyway, after the straightner errand we went and had lunch with Andrew. I didn't take any pictures of lunch itself just when we dropped him back off at school. Hadley was in a mood all morning but as soon as she saw him walking to the car she started laughing and saying, "Daddy... Daddy!" We went to Subway, which seems simple, but it was so nice since most days he leaves before we get up and comes home just a few hours before we head to bed. He's been working so hard and we're so proud. Here's the picture from lunch today.
Following the drop-off we headed home for Hadley's nap. And afterwards it was all play. Well... and candy corn, evident by the picture below.
Chit-chattin with some girlfriends.
The child has a room FULL of toys and yet chooses to walk around with a bucket on her head for entertainment, priceless.
This is a picture before leaving for church tonight. Its hard to tell because she kept leaning her head back in the pictures, but Hadley has her first PONYTAIL! (kinda)

That pretty much sums it up. Thanks for checkin' in!!

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  1. Y'all look SOOOO cute in that pic!!!

  2. I agree with Ashley! So sweet! I love that you are blogging more!!! You have such a sweet post!!!


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