Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Updates on Hubby & Hadley

Yes, I realize I just posted like 5 minutes ago, due to my terrible blogging over the last few months I feel the need to catch up. So much has been going on, especially now that Aandrew has started school. I'll start with my hubby updates first:
  • In week 4 of med school
  • Passed first 2 tests (Biochem: 89% & Anatomy: 85%)
  • Studies like a mad dog (M-F: 4:30am-5:00pm at school, Sat.: 6:00am-5:00pm) we really don't see him much
  • He's LOVING every minute even though its stressful!

Hadley(16M) Updates:

  • LOVES Little Mermaid "Mermaid"
  • Has a very wide vocabulary: Jake, Momma, Daddy, Mimi, Pap-pa, Cece, Podshee (PJ), Jo (Jolene), Ry (Ryan), Audjie (Audrey), T (Tamra), J (J.O.), Trey, Addy, Ree (Rachel), Ada(Adam), Arper (Harper), Yonie (Jonathan), ball, pee-pee, puppy, snack, juice, chichen (chicken) and duct (duck)...just to name a few
  • Sprinting where ever she is headed.
  • Is pee-peeing in the potty (sometimes)
  • Finally getting what some may call HAIR!!!!
  • Loves "shooce" (shoes)
  • LOVES to dance and she really has some rhythm for a toddler.
  • Still in the 90% for height.
  • Can't believe my little girl is so grown up!

Hope you feel caught up, sorry for the delay. Have a great day!

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