Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Days...

So the last couple days have been pretty busy. Yesterday was full of all kinds of events we went to the Aquarium, then lunch at Mazzios with a group of people from church, from there we headed to the park and then home for a nap. After nap (which didn't happen till 2:30 meaning she woke up at like 4:45) we waited for daddy to get home then at dinner at Chick-fil-A before heading to church. Wow.... I'm tired just trying to remember all of it.
The first thing we visited at the Aquarium was the otters. Hadley enjoyed the otters but especially liked the fish she could see swimming in the water.
Emerson and Weston enjoyed watching them too.
Weston and Madelyn are a couple of Hadley's friends from church who also came to the Aquarium, they got to feed the turtles.
Her friend Emerson got to feed the turtles too!
Hadley loved the sting rays.

The girls had a blast playing in the shark cage.
All my pictures in the shark tunnel turned out blurry because it was so dark but it was still really neat.
Here are some pictures from the park. Hadley is fascinated with the slide.
Playing on the ChooChoo.

Before heading to Chick-fil-A. This was as close to a smile as I was getting.
Nothing says Chick-fil-A better than some good ole chocolate milk and chicken nuggets.

Today was another busy day starting with Jake's (our dog) trip to the vet. He's been coughing for the last week and kept us up all last night with it and it was just so sad. Anyway, turns out he has an upper respiratory infection. They put him on 2 different meds which he has to take 2x a day. (BLAH!) Also, he's not really to go outside much because as long as he has this infection/cough he is highly contagious to other dogs, poor bubs. So after the vet we dropped Jake back off at the house and headed up to the mall to meet some friends and redeem our GYM BUCKS, yep that's right it started today folks. Had lunch in the food court played at the indoor play-yard, then headed home and finished painting the sunroom. When Andrew got home we went for a jog, it was so pretty outside, only to defeat the purpose by going to Tally's Good Food Cafe, yum. The craziness has ended....well kinda.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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