Thursday, April 7, 2011

Audrey Time

After meeting Ryan and Audrey for dinner we took Audrey home with us for the rest of the week. When the girls got home they were more than excited to get in their pj's and play for a bit.

Bible Story Time

Another story in bed.

We met some friends at the zoo in the morning. It started off a little cool but ended up being beautiful.
Checkin' out the elephants.
A stop at the playground.
A ride on the carousel and train but I only got pictures on the train.

Then we headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch and to play some more.

After nap we decorated cookies. I made the cookies while they napped since we had to make it to church.

After church we had baths and then movie time with Uncle Andrew.

We went to the mall first thing to redeem our Gymbucks and played for a bit while we waited in the mall play place. Then we headed to our SAA playgroup.

After that we headed to Merritt's Bakery for lunch and some other baked goodies.

After nap the girls played outside for a while.

When Andrew got home we did a little activity.
(I'll post a picture of the final project at a later date.)

For dinner we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese. Audrey asked Andrew if he would take her the night we got her.
Audrey hit the Jackpot her first try.
Picking out their prizes.
After dinner we took them to Cherry Berry a self-serve frozen yogurt place. Andrew and I laughed so hard the girls were so entertaining.
I'm pretty exhausted and we're headed to Rogers tomorrow to take Audrey home. We had a great few days I'm going to be and I know Hadley's going to be sad to see her go. (Andrew too of course.)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. what a fun (and exhausting) week!

  2. Addy wanted to know if you want to meet up and take her back for a few days too.....I told her I would check! :) Just kidding! Can't wait to come up for Hadsters bday party!


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