Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday was so beautiful outside Hadley and I decided to have a picnic. She had a blast and loved that she could get up and play as soon as she was done.
Friday evening we drove to Searcy to spend the weekend with Andrew's family. Andrew's sister, Rachel, was also in town for the weekend with her little girl, Harper, so we actually had most of the group together.

Hadley styling Harper's hair.
We headed to little rock to have lunch with the Eichhorn's, but before we left we made an exchange. I needed to drop off the cupcake toppers I made for Ashley and she finished Hadley's birthday outfit! Don't you love it!!! Check out her etsy site, here.

We had lunch at Milford Track and ate outside. It was so good and it was really nice that we could eat outside because it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!! The girls all had a blast running around.

Harper had some leakage and it went through her shorts, therefore she rocked the diaper for the second half of the lunch date.

After lunch Andrew went to play golf with Josh and J.O. and Rachel and I headed back home to get the girls down. Once we got back to Searcy, we met up with Tamra and CeCe took all the kiddos while us girls went shopping. Thanks, CeCe. After shopping the boys got home and grilled burgers and we all just hung out.

Showin' off her piano skills.
Hadley loved the Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Sunday morning we went to church and then headed to Granddaddy Bob and Carol's for lunch. Can I say, AMAZING?!?! We had: pork tenderloin, creamed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, green bean bundles, rolls and rum cake for dessert.

Before we got on the road we let Hadley play outside for a while, which worked out in our favor because she slept for over 2 hours on the way home.
I wish we could've had more time, but Andrew had class late on Friday and a test this morning, so you just have to make do with what you get.

I got a short little stomach bug last night and felt pretty puny most of the day. Around 2 I tried to muster up all my energy to go to Wal-Mart and then crashed on the couch after unloading them. For dinner we went to Tally's to eat for a friends birthday. It was her choice and I was so glad that's what she picked. I hadn't eaten all day, due to the bug, so this was my first meal. I got the chicken stir fry and it was so worth the wait.

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up Audrey and she's spending the rest of the week with us. We'll be saving our baking activity till Wednesday so she can participate, I can't wait!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. I showed my F-I-L your backyard so he could build Connor one! What a great idea!!!


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