Saturday, April 23, 2011

T.G.I.F. Favorites

So I thought I'd try my hand at the whole linking up thrill. I love Fridays for so many reasons and one is that you have the majority of the week to look back and reflect on some of your favorite things about it. So today (I know its technically Saturday, but I planned to do it yesterday) I'm reflecting, ha!

Andrew and I have made frequent visits to our very favorite frozen yogurt bar, Cherry Berry!

Last night I got to have an amazing "Me Day" followed by an awesome girls night. I don't know if Water for Elephants is my all time new favorite movie, although RobP is pretty tasty, but it was the movie we saw last night and it was a blast.

This is my new favorite picture of Hadley! Last night on my girls night when I started talking about Hadley I showed everyone this picture, yes I'm one of those moms.

My favorite Hadley moment this week has been that she loves our bed. When Audrey was here a couple weeks ago we ALL slept together in our bed. (I'm sure you could guess the amount of fun that was.) Anyway, since then Hadley has asked for "Night,night bed" which is unfortunately our bed. Well last night Hadley went to sleep in her bed and woke up about an hour or so later. Andrew saw her peak around the corner and walk down the hall to our room. When he looked in the room she was climbing up, getting under the covers, then looked up and saw him, smiled and said, "Night, night bed."

Online browsing its so much fun and in the midst I found these new favorite dresses for the Hadster.
I love this Valencia Dress, its just so girly!
and this precious Eyelet Maxi

I would love to hear about all your favorite moments from this week. Link up and share!

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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