Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Update!

We headed to Searcy for the weekend. 
The kiddos were eager.

When we got in town we met CeCe and Pajee and they picked up Jakers and Hadley.  Then we had dinner with our friends Tim and Melissa.
We are so excited for them they are expecting their first May 9, 2012.  (That's just 2 days after Hadley birthday!!)  I got a picture of Melissa and I for two reasons: 1- I haven't seen her let alone had a picture with her in a long time and 2- I have a picture when we were celebrating her birthday and I was preggo, now we were a couple days from my birthday and she's preggo!  
Celebrating my birthday in 2011.
Celebrating Melissa's birthday in 2009.
That morning I had a coffee date with a dear friend of mine, Heather.  We got caught up and enjoyed The Great Pumpkin Latte from Midnight Oil.

Oh and she got me the most ADORABLE apron from Anthropologie, which I will show at a later date. I LOVE IT!!

That afternoon J.O. and Tamra dropped off their kiddos as they were going to the Razorback game in Fayetteville.  Much fun was had.
*Piano Time*
That night Andrew and I had a date, which was fantastic.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  I just love that guy!  =)
Don't worry we also had a constant feed from our phones of the Arkansas game.

Cece and I stayed home with the kiddos while Pajee and Andrew went to church because they were all kind of snotty.
Oh, the joys of bubble wrap.

After church we had lunch with everyone then stopped by to see Grandaddy Bob and Carol and then hit the road.  Unfortunately we didn't leave till after 6 so it was after 10 when we got home, boo!

Well, Monday was officially my birthday but I spent most all my day at home trying to get Hadley better.  She was still snotty and I wanted to make sure she was going to be able to go to MDO today.  We took our vitamins, drank OJ, sniffed saline, had soup for lunch and managed not to get a fever, HOORAY!  
We had planned to have some friends over to celebrate but opted to postpone until we were 100%.
As some of you may have read on facebook part of my birthday present from Andrew was to decorate for Christmas early, I was pumped. When Andrew got home we packed up all the fall decor and unloaded some boxes from the garage full of Christmas stuff!

Hadley also got a new Christmas outfit and my girlfriend that made it wanted a picture of her in it to go on her website.  She was being a nut.

Finally I got a couple good ones to send her.
My loves!
Okay... so this is all my loves!

Andrew and I had a tradition of eating pizza and watching Christmas Vacation as we set up the tree, but its not really appropriate for a 2 year old.  So this year we started a new tradition of eating pizza and watching Mickey's Once & Twice Upon a Christmas as we set up the tree.

I'm also adding a Christmas tree it's going to go in Hadley's playroom! Can't wait for its reveal!
Phase 1 of Christmas decor is finished.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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