Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update {Thanksgiving}

When we got into town we met some family for dinner & dessert.  Then we hung out at Jolene and Ryan's house.  Mimi and Pap-pa came over and brought the girls an EARLY Christmas gift with some Jessie PJs & leg warmers for Hadley and Tangled PJs and leg warmers for Audrey.  
The girls and Rudolph watching Frosty the Snowman.

Jolene and I had made the pecan pie the night before and so all we had was the dressing to make before we left.  The boys went early to start the turkey (which we fried, yum). We headed over shortly after to Grandma and Pap-pap's for the parade, football, Black Friday deals, and of course FOOD!

Andrew & Jonathan watching football and us girls' mess spread across the living room floor.

The girls and Mimi!

Working hard in the kitchen.

After dinner Pap-pa burned off some calories by bouncing the girls for a while.

And one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions, GAMES!  We played a game of Skip*Bo, which was not only fun but very entertaining.

Jolene and I headed to Kohl's at 11:15pm for their 12am opening for Black Friday.  
Only to find out we really AREN'T good Black Friday shoppers.  We perused for a bit until a Kohl's worker came up and asked if we needed some help.  We figured they were a little alarmed by our lack of enthusiasm. When we saw the line had wrapped around the store in the 20 minutes that we had spent aimlessly walking around, we decided nothing was worth that wait and left.  
We went to sleep and I found some good deals with Andrew the next day around 11:30, which was much more my style of shopping.  I'm not a morning person.

We met mom and dad for breakfast at Chick-fil-A. (Note: My parents had still not gone to sleep from the night before because of Black Friday shopping.)
Then we headed to their house to set up the outside Christmas lights.  
Hadley was a great helper.
Friday afternoon we watched the unfortunate Razorback game.  Although we may have lost I'm still proud of my Razorbacks, WOO PIGS!

That night Jolene and Ryan went out with some of her old high school friends and we had the girls. 
Night-time stories with Uncle Andrew.

Ryan's family came in town so we had to watch the OU game.  We did a little more shopping and finished the day staying up and playing Phase 10 with Jolene, Ryan, Andrew, and my little brother Jonathan.  

The girls before heading out to church.
Flagstone Church of Christ is where Jolene and Ryan go to church.  A little over a year ago the church I grew up in decided to plant another church in town to reach out to the community. (Northwest Arkansas is growing so fast and they believed the church needed to as well.)  Jolene and Ryan were some of the few who volunteered to go over and get the new church plant started and I just have to say the members of Flagstone have done an AMAZING job!  As I said earlier it was just a little over a year ago they started and they're already looking for another building because they have outgrown their current one. 
God is SO good!!

Sunday night we worked on putting up some more Christmas decorations I can't wait to show you guys all of them!
Here's a peak at Hadley's Princess/Barbie tree.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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