Sunday, November 6, 2011

Women Of Faith

Thursday we headed to NWA.  Jolene and I were leaving from there together to head to the conference and Hadley was actually going to go to school with Audrey Friday morning.

Mom came over after the Hadster and I got in town and Jo made us a delicious dinner.  After dinner the girls made Jolene and I some cookies for our trip.

After the girls went to bed we had a sleepover in Jo and Ryan's room (Ryan was out of town for work).  I'm sure by the picture you can see how much fun we had, bahaha!!!  Jolene had to go outside to detach the hose and she went in style!!!

That morning we dropped the girls off, picked up a delicious breakfast at Panera and met up with some other girls so we could caravan together.

We got to KC fine but once we got into the downtown we drove probably 10 circles trying to find somewhere to park to pick up lunch.  Then across the Missouri River 4xs trying to get to Rachel's (Jolene's sister-in-law) office to bring her lunch.  We blame it mostly on her GPS, Roxy.

Due to all our misguided directions we missed the 2:15 session so we decided to go shopping.

When we went to the evening session they wouldn't let you bring any outside drinks in.  I took this picture because only women would start arranging the cups in rows once the trash can ran out of room.  Seriously, if this were a men's conference they would have still been trying to figure out a way to stuff it in then run before they noticed it falling back out.

We heard from Andy Andrews and had a concert by Mandisa!  
What a great way to start!!

We had stayed with Rachel and her husband the night before and he got up and made coffee and got breakfast, thanks Blair!!

We then headed out for another amazing day of fellowship.  We heard some wonderful testimonies from a group of truly amazing women of faith: Patsy Clairmont, Deborah Joy Winans, Sandi Patty, Lisa Whelchel (Blair from The Facts of Life), and Brenda Warner (Kurt Warner's wife).
And to top it all off Amy Grant did a concert that afternoon.
 This was such a spiritually uplifting weekend and I am so thankful I was able to go.

When we got back in town I was so tired I didn't want to have to drive back to Tulsa so I decided to stay the night.  While watching a movie we felt this little vibration so we paused it.  Then it went from just vibrating to rumbling and things in the room actually started shaking.  Somewhere in central OK there was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that we were feeling!
I called Andrew immediately not even knowing that was where it had come from and he said he experienced a similar thing.  It had started kinda small, but escalated quickly.  He said it was pretty loud outside too.  
This is #3 for me now.  I'm good if its the last.  =)

This morning on my drive home I took this picture while in Siloam Springs.  When you're in the AR city limits there is an American flag on EVERY light pole.  I feel so blessed to live in a country where I am given the right to make my own choices and I'm always blessed to see others feeling the same way.

I also took this because... Well, it was just too beautiful not to share.  
Thank you God for fall, Amen!

 Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Amy Grant is one of my all time favorite singers! Sounds like you had a great time!


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