Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shakin' Bakin Tuesday!! {Kinda}

Yesterday before I took Hadley to MDO we made muffins for her class.
(Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the activity this week. I was surprised enough that I managed to bake before school.)

 I got a lot accomplished while Hadley was in school, including bringing in my car to get fixed. 
 I was supposed to get a Corolla or Camry as my rental while they worked on my car over the next couple days, but they only had a Tundra available.  
I feel kinda funny driving a big truck but I have to be honest I love being up that high.
When I went to pick up Hadley she refused to get in it and said, "No I not ride in this car."  I then had to explain that mommy's car had a boo-boo so we had to take this car until it was better.  Lucky for me that actually worked and she got in.

Tonight's Dinner:
Homemade Broccoli & Cheese Soup
(The recipe is on my food blog.  I'm not going to lie I'm pretty proud of myself on this one.)

After dinner I got some gifts wrapped.
9 wrapped up
4 packed in bags

Right now I'm enjoying the smell of the roast I put in the crock*pot last night and watching rudolph with my kiddo.  It smells AMAZING, I can't wait for dinner tonight.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Your tree is so pretty! You definitely need to post the soup recipe. It looks yummy!


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